Authentic Nigerian BBQ sauce launch

by Babajide Bayo-Yusuf in Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

Authentic Nigerian BBQ sauce launch
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To launch an Authentic multi-purpose Nigeria BBQ sauce that gives your taste-buds a sweet, spicy and (very) mildly-hot sauce combined taste.

by Babajide Bayo-Yusuf in Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

The FujiFuji BABA-Q GRILL sauce is a homemade BBQ sauce inspired by the need to give more flavour to all types of grilling and cooking.  

FujiFuji sauce is the right sauce for marinade, cooking, grilling and for dipping to give a delicious sweet and spicy taste to all types of meat, poultry, sea food and all types of vegetables.

The Fuji-Fuji name is Nigerian and it comes from a genre of music in Nigeria called ‘Fuji’. This music is synonymous to celebration. 

The BBQ sauce is a combination of various spices and herbs but the uniqueness of this sauce is how it has been combined. This sets it apart from what you can get off the shelves anywhere. The combination of the sweetness and the spiciness of the BBQ sauce is irresistible.

Please see images below

Old labelling




Grilled chicken in FujiFuji


Chicken wrap with FujiFuji


Grilled chicken in FujiFuji


Combination :-)


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