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To bring additional needs items and support to the community and beyond

by John Buckingham in Barrow In Furness, England, United Kingdom

As parents of children with additional needs, we know how difficult it can be to get the support and the items required just to make a child with additional needs day-to-day life easier, be that in general life or through education. With that in mind we have created Aura 11. So called because Aura is to do with spectrum and the 11 is amount of years it took for our son to be diagnosed.
With Aura 11 we seek to make all those things easier for parents and carers of children with any additional needs and create not only a retail space, but also a safe and inviting environment for children and young people. We would like anybody that visits our shop to have the autonomy to make the decision for themselves and to  have the empowerment that difference isn't anything to be ashamed about.
The advantage of a shop over an online venture is that the children can feel the products and experience the kind of sensory experience that suits their individual needs before they make the commitment.
When established we hope to offer more than just items to buy to make life easier, we are also going to provide guest speakers to talks on topics close to the parent's hearts, contacting practitioners for parental training, outreach services such as home visits and an online option for housebound children, coffee mornings for parents to network and exchange information, a space for groups and parties that cater for special and additional needs children where there will be no judgement, only a warm welcome and understanding. Please come visit. We are so much more than a. shop
We have created a crowdfunding space and any money raised there would go towards creating a safe and secure sensory environment for everyone who needs it. We know how important this is to us and we know it will be important to other parents and likeminded individuals too.
Watch this space.....
Thank you.


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