Audio & Video Recording of "Do You Know"

Audio & Video Recording of "Do You Know"

To complete the full audio and video production of the song titled 'Do You Know'.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This crowd-funding project is focusing on the audio and video recording of the song ' Do You Know ' composed in 2007. This piece captures western orchestration which guides you through the movement until the listener is suddenly plunged into the sea of oriental orchestration merging with the string section of the western orchestration at a pinnacle of the movement. The plan is to record the audio 'live' and, to do this, musical acquaintances, a few session musicians, and other supporting staff will be required in the making of this piece. Additionally, during the audio recording of this project, whilst using an appropriate studio for the recordings, I will aim to video the entire production coming alive using a video production team if possible and funding permits. In total, the anticipated participant list exceeds 50 persons or more when including audio and video recording. I have personally funded all originals so far, but for this project, I am extending my hand for your support. Thank you very much in advance for all your belief, encouragement, and donations whatever it may be.

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