Help Save The Auctioneers Arms

Caverswall Community Society are aiming to save The Auctioneers Arms through a community share offer.

We did it!

On 1st Aug 2017 we successfully raised £201,080 of £200,000 target with 135 investors in 102 days
Community Share Project


Think of the perfect pub – a warm and cosy local with your favourite tipple and full of friendly faces!

Now imagine the price that you have paid for your favourite tipple is not lining the pockets of some multi-national beverage company, but instead, is being reinvested into the pub and  going back into the local community.

Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a pipe dream? Think again – these magical places really do exist. It is a fact that there over 70 successful community owned pubs in the UK today.

The  Auctioneers Arms, Caverswall

Has been pulling pints for over 150 years and the surrounding land has provided the community in all sorts of ways. 

The people of Caverswall and Cookshill want this to continue.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure to announce that the Caverswall Community Society are aiming to buy The Auctioneers Arms through a community share offer. This is not just about saving a pub, it is about so much more than a pub. This is about creating a community hub and creating necessities for the local community and surrounding area. This is your chance to be a part owner of a rural pub in the village of Caverswall, Staffordshire. Please read our Share Offer  document and our Business plan which can be found at the bottom of this page.

"We aim to buy The Auctioneers Arms and transform it into a thriving, viable, sustainable village pub "

Join a group of investors who truly believe in this project; who know the difference in can make to the community and the local economy; and who want to be part of this exciting Crowd funding venture.  Together with your help we will succeed.

 What if it’s just not about pulling pints?

 What if we could offer you:-

  • real ale at affordable prices
  • great pub food
  • traditional pub games
  • fund raising events
  • a tea room and coffee shop
  • WIFI and internet facilities
  • a place to meet for community events
  • a parcel drop off/pick up point
  • a clothes recycling bank
  • an emergency lifesaving defibrillator

 These could be YOUR ideas, the possibilities are endless…..

Our Journey

The Auctioneers Arms (known as The Knocks) has been in previous years a thriving, vibrant pub. However over the past decade it has declined under the ownership of a large, well known pub operating company that has not invested in the building, marketing or the business development. In August 2016 the pub closed its doors and was sold to a property developer who intends to  demolish the pub and build houses upon the site. Fortunately, in October 2016 the local residents managed to formally register the pub as an Asset of Community Value ( ACV) with the district council which prevented the demolition of the pub and removed the owners permitted development rights.

Back in November 2016 the owner was asking for offers in access of £300K. Following advice taken from an independent evaluation that took place in March 2017 the Society made an offer of £245K which the owner did not except. Although the pub still remains an ACV, the owner has since taken the pub off the market. The Society’s intention is to launch this share offer and to raise sufficient funds so that we are in a position to approach the owner with proof of funding and a firm commitment to make a further offer to buy the pub. Your pledge and support are essential for us to achieve this. 

Benefits of Investing

In addition to helping to SAVE the Auctioneers Arms for this and future generations and turning into a thriving community pub that you want to visit, why else would you want to invest?  This is why:-

  • To become a co-owner of an iconic village pub
  • To receive annual interest payments on your investment when profits allow
  • To be eligible ( true for most taxpayers) to reclaim 30% of investment from HMRC against your tax liability through SITR scheme for current or previous year ( investment needs to be held for a minimum of 3 years to qualify)
  • To benefit from exclusive shareholder offers on food and drink
  • To join in special shareholder events

PLEASE NOTE - By making a pledge you are registering your intention to invest. Your money will only be taken if the owner agrees to the sale of the pub.

There is much more to come, so please get involved

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