Attending a piano teaching seminar "Freedom piano"

Attending a piano teaching seminar "Freedom piano"

I am raising funds to attend a seminar "Freedom piano" in Seven Oaks, Kent 8-9 of July 2017.

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 4 supporters in 21 days

I am raising money to attend the seminar "Freedom piano" that will take a place in Seven Oaks, Kent, 8-9 of July. It is organised by International centre of musical education "Allegro Music" and is lead by Tatiana Smirnova.

I decided to attend to this seminar, because the biggest part of my life I was teaching people to play different instruments.  The biggest part of these students were happy with my teaching and got good results, but last time I feel, that I am doing the same things during the lesson, I'm telling the same words and everything is becoming too routine. I need fresh ideas, fresh methods to make my lessons more interesting and to have better results. I think, I will adopt information/methods that I will get during this seminar to other instruments. 

"Freedom piano" is a unique method. It helps every teacher to see the world of child different, to make better contact with students, make them more interested in music, and children literally will be dreaming about next music lesson and new pieace to play. Children much easier are remembering new pieces, feel more free during performances and easy improvise. 

There are three main points that seminar is teaching to attendants:

1) Make children enjoy playing, improvising and express themself in music.

2) To combine process of music education with personal development. 

3) To form in children responsibility, independence, joy of creativity and much more. 

As I'm working in London and I have a lot of students here, and may be I am teaching your children, or you, or may be I will be doing this - probably you would like to help me to attend this seminar. 

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