A Tale Of Two Heroes: Pinky Strikes Back

by Pinky The Dragon in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 20th January 2020 we successfully raised £1,081 with 32 supporters in 56 days

After high demand, we are starting production on the sequel to our successfully received short comedy film, A Tale of Two Heroes.

by Pinky The Dragon in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Mini Pinky

Take your little dragon friend wherever you go! For the price of 25 pounds we will give you your own miniature pinky. Look how cute it is! And everything above.

£3 or more

Link To Film and Name In Credits

We believe anyone who helps us make this should be able to watch the final production, and we acknowledge that you've given us some cash. So for three pounds you get a link to the film when it's released and your very own name in the credits at the end.

£5 or more

Name in Film

For the small price of 5 pounds we will put your name somewhere in the film, it's anyone's guess where it will be and what it could be on though. And everything above.

£7 or more

Signed Poster

Wow! For only 7 pounds you can get a lovely poster signed by the cast and crew of AToTH: PSB. Now who wouldn't want that? And everything above.

£10 or more

Secret Drive and Fridge Magnets

We will give you access to a google drive that will have little bits of behind the scenes secret goodies on it, follow the production as we're producing it. You also get a nifty little fridge magnet, everyone loves a good fridge magnet. And everything above.

£15 or more

Personalised Video

Because you were kind enough to donate a whole 15 pounds, we will record a personalised video just for you! A grand thank you from everyone on the crew. And everything above.

£50 or more

Digital Pinky

For 50 pound you'll get a signed picture that we've gone over digitally to make it look all nice. And everything above.

£60 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Personalised Hand Drawn Pinky

Now how cool is this? For 60 pounds we will send you a signed hand drawn drawing of Pinky doing whatever you want (within reason), maybe you can stick it on the kitchen fridge next to that sweet fridge magnet. And everything above.

£100 or more

The Pinky Package

For an amazing 100 smackeroos you'll get your very own Pinky Package, this will include a tshirt, hat and some other little lovely bits from your new favourite short comedy production. And everything above (excluding Hand Drawn Pinky)

£250 or more

1 of 1 claimed

The Pinky

Woah! You did it. If you pay 250 pounds, you will not only gain our undying love but most importantly you will receive the original Pinky used on set in the first and second film. We can't do any better than that! Only one available! Treat her right please. And everything above.

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