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Atom Club - Non-Profit Science & Coding Club

A Non-Profit Science and Coding Club for UK Children. Free after-school clubs and great value STEM Subscription box service

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £2,137 of £2,000 target with 20 supporters in 110 days

We need your help to get this exciting new project off the ground. The Atom Club is a non-profit Science and Coding Club for children right here in the UK! #ScienceIsGreat

STEM = Science Technology Engineering and Maths

There are 2 major sides to the Atom Club:

1) Monthly Subscription Box

A subscription service that delivers a box of Science Experiments and Coding Projects to your door every month. This is a tried and tested model, but we're aiming to make these much more affordable and the rival only targets girls - we believe STEM should be for everyone. Each month will have a different theme and our first box; 'Space' is planned and suppliers arranged.

Each box contains several science experiments, a fun coding project, an educational toy, special offers, a cooking recipe, games, puzzles and (bad) jokes. 

UPDATE: We have our initial boxes now and a trial with our 10 year old Ambassador left him buzzing with excitement! Here's a sneak preview of the book that appears in the first box: SPACE!


Here is the first prototype box:


There's lots of fun science to do in the box, from launching a rocket, to making an expanding universe out of slime! They get to tour the solar system in a family game and build their own 'Space Explorers' game too. The 12 page booklet includes fun facts, jokes, puzzles, games and even a cooking recipe. If that wasn't enough - the children get their own inflatable globe and glow in the dark stars to decorate their rooms.

Unlike those science kits you buy in the shop for £20, we give you everything you need (except water), so no having to pop down the shop to buy ingredients!

2) Free After-School Clubs & Online Resources

Free after-school clubs & online resources delivered by our network of volunteers - DBS checks on our initial volunteers being carried out now, ready to start :-) We've built a website and performed a test. Taking the feedback, we've now got a new version of the site ready to launch and have 11 videos ready to edit. We've already produced 3 fun and inspiring coding projects (read games!) and our 10 year old test-pilots thought these were incredible! We're fundraising currently to buy a mobile planetarium that we can take around the schools. They can hire these currently, but it's expensive and we want to encourage this being a regular event at all schools. 

Win a Framed Piece of the Moon!!!


Vote for us and do one fo the following to be in the prize draw. If we are in the final 80, we'll present a winner drawn at random with a framed piece of moon meteorite.

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New Pledge Option: Mars Rover 3D Puzzle

Pledge just £6 and we'll send you one of these great puzzles. They come with a display stand too- you'll see one in the background of our video. They require no glue or scissors too! They retail at £12.99, so this is a HUGE saving!

How we need your help:

Initial subscriptions

We ideally need 50 subscribers to allow us to keep the price down of the initial subscriptions. The more subscribers we can get from the start, the more affordable we can do the boxes!

Spreading the word

We're a non-profit start-up, so need all the help we can get spreading the word. Why not click the share buttons at the top of this page?


We're looking for STEM related companies/attractions to sponsor a month's box. Not only can you get your message out to your target audience, but you can free up our funds to go on community projects.


We want to increase our reach across the country as quickly as possible. We already partner with Codeclub and STEMnet, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

More info coming soon.....

Thank you for taking the time to read this - we'd really appreciate any help you can give.

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