Athenia's Crafts Plan

Athenia's Crafts Plan

To expand and change direction of my business

We did it!

On 22nd May 2015 we successfully raised £500 of £250 target with 21 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target


Thank you so much I have reached my target, I am over funding which is just awesome news, this means I can also sort packaging and labels as well as the licences I need for my products meaning I can get them to you so much faster x 

I am completely overwhelmed by your support x 

Thank you x 


My main aim to develop a completly new range of products, including natural and handmade beauty products.

Athenia's Craft New Direction

Hello, Welcome to my crowdfunding page, I have been running my little craft page for a little over 3 yrs, I have been pleasantly surprised by its success, a little hobby that quickly became a passion and a real little business.

Over the years I have grown as a crafter and my range of 'pretties' as I called them developed as my skills changed and grew with me, I have recently developed a real passion for wax products, candles, melts etc, I love making them and choosing different fragrances and colours and have striven be a little different to most candle makers offering all kinds of styles of candles, trifles, cupcakes, ice creams to name but a few. 

While I have enjoyed this craft the kind of person I am I found myself wanting to take a different step in a new direction and stand out from the crowd a little more, I decided to give Massage Candles a go, after lots of research I gave it a go, I loved the process, to take these candles to the best level I can I need to ensure they're completly safe and comply with all the legal obligations x This costs money, I could do it myself but this will take time, I need stability testing and a cosmetic assessement, this will give each candle a shelf life and reassure each of you that the product is safe, this can take up to 4 months from the day I submit each application so as I hope you can understand the faster I can get each prouct submitted the faster I can bring you my new range, along with the massage candles I will be making and designing a range of lip balms all nautral products and handmade by me, also bath salts, again I will make this and use all natural products, aromatherapy features heavily in my new range making it a real feel good range, I have lots of ideas and am completly dedicated and have a real passion to getting my dream a reality x 

Your Pledges

Your pledges will help me to get this range to you alot faster, I believe we should all have nice things an treats an would like to get this new range available as quick as I can,

Each assessment is carried out by a professional chemist ensuring each product is of the highest quality it can be, these costs can seem unatainable to a small one man band like me, but with your help its completly possible x 

I am of course not asking for something for nothing, no no no, you will be given a choice of rewards dependant on the pledge you wish to make, this way pledgers get to try my new range of goodies at an exclusive cost x 

Above is a pic of my massage candles, they smell divine and cannot wait to get them on the shelves, I am always developing different fragrances and use only top quality ingredients.

I will be develpoing sneek peaks of my new range so please keep your eyes peeled x


        How Will I spend The Fund?

If I am lucky enough to reach my goal with my funding I will be able to obtain assessments for two of my new products which is very exciting, If I get very lucky and go past my target I would love to be able to use the money to help me with packaging which in my opinion is as important as whats inside, labelling and containers are all very important to me and I like to make my products as appealing and as professional as I can. 

Project Timeline.

I will be working as hard and as fast as I can behind the scenes, recipes are my obsession and I am forever thinking aboput new ones, once each prodcut is submitted it can take up to 8 weeks before I can sell them on my facebook page or my online store , I can promise you complete dedication and will work very hard to achieve my dream x With your help this can happen alot faster 

Thank you xxx

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my dream x 

To make you aware any pledges you make are taken from you straight away but are held in the fund untill my mission ends, if i fail to meet my target you will all be refunded x 


 Remember each pledge gets you a reward so you will be getting something for your money and its is the perfect way to try out my new product x x


                                  many thanks again 

                                                                 Becky xxx


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