Atenkush the origins of god

by Kushman in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Atenkush the origins of god


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by Kushman in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Hello all! My name is Oma aka Kushman. I am 58 born bred and live in Leeds uk.                               Since childhood I have always taken an interest in religion. Beginning with the nightly Lord’s Prayer and the Sunday service at the local Christian church encouraged by mum. Mums idea,and quite correctly was that we should be instilled with knowledge of the lord- bless her!! Then of course, there was the daily morning Lord’s Prayer in primary school followed by a much appreciated bottle of milk-praise the lord for those good old days!  At start of middle school age 11 although prayers were no longer compulsory I still maintained a healthy interest in religion.                    In later life I studied the Bible the Torah, the Koran and discovered that there was a central thread that ran through all these religiouns. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed to mention just a few were all in these books and the same stories where reiterated. So with my naturally inquisitive mind, I had to ask to ask, where does god come from?? Perhaps I should never have asked that question and accepted god in blind faith as I had always been taught, but the question had been posed and to my mind, now required an answer! It was a little like opening Pandora’s box or letting the genie out of the bottle- once done it can not be undone! So I set off on my journey to trace the existence of god from a purely historical and factual point of view.The following is what I have so far discovered:                  



Since the beginning of time mankind has questioned their existence on earth. The eternal questions being why are we here and is there life after death? These questions have resulted over time in many diverse theories and a pantheon of beliefs in various gods.

Today, we have a few major religions which are called the ‘revealed religions’, namely-in order of revelation, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As I mentioned earlier there is a common link in all these religions and that is the belief in the “one god” I.e. monotheism.

To go back to the question of where god comes from? It is now historical fact that the first person to declare the “one god” was the pharaoh Ankhenaten aka Amenhotep the fourth, who ruled Egypt approximately between 1351-1356 bc. There are a number of learned scholars who claim that Ankhenaten was closely connected or indeed was the Moses of the scriptures. These include Sigmund Freud and Tony Hancock who have both written extensively on the subject.

Assuming that Judaism,Christianity and Islam all worship the same “one god” then another important question is why the fighting and wars between these religions when                 they all proclaim the same god? 

I suggest that these wars are due to politics, vested interest and general misunderstanding among the people.

If you read the Torah,the bible and the Koran they all mention the main prophets and many of the same scriptures. So essentially, you could say that it is the same religion, deliverd to different peoples at different times.

So regardless of the variations in the faiths,let us all proclaim the unity of the one god which people of faith profess to worship.

So as a believer I have made it my mission to dispel the myths and the falicies which surround religion.

The aim is to educate and encourage dialogue between all people of faith in the hope that this will bring us closer together under the unity of the “one god” that all people of faith claim to profess. I invite you to join me in this mission and let us move forward in the name of humanity.

A common church for all common people-let it be!! I invite further dialogue with all interested at thanks!

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