Ataxia-help Corina

Ataxia-help Corina

We're a group of friends trying to raise money for Corina who needs specialist treatment and equipment to help with her recovery

We did it!

On 29th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £1,900 of £1,500 target with 36 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We're accepting more donations over the target.

The overfunding will go to the everyday care that Corina so desperately needs

 " We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

Ronald Reagan

Give back the gift of movement and speech, be a supporting shadow to a friend who lost the most important things that we take for granted and would not think we could live without. 

We all love the outdoors and our freedom to move and speak about our experiences. For Corina who was full of dreams and hope, this possibility has been cut short at only 38 by a debilitating condition called Cerrebelar Ataxia. More about this on

So far there is no treatment for this condition, but there are things that can help control the impact on the person affected.

The condition started over 5 years ago with balance and gait problems and progressed to the point where she could not support herself on her left leg.Because of her determination and hope, she continued to go to work with the help of the local council who would send a car to pick her up and bring her back home after work. She was a teacher at Kingsbury Green Primary where she worked with special needs children.

Over a short period last year, her mobility deteriorated and her care needs have increased considerably.She is now using a wheelchair when outside and her speech is nearly unintelligible. She is in great need of physio and speech therapy offered by qualified specialists.

We're trying to raise money to buy her exercise equipment  that would give her the chance to recover balance, motor skills and speech. She needs specially adapted bed, shower, chair, PC, things that would make this affection more tolerable even if not fully better.

Please help us bring hope into a friend's life and be thankful for the gifts we were blessed with. Let's show Corina that we're never alone in the world and that we can rely on each other for support.



 "Nu putem ajuta pe toata lumea, dar toata lumea poate ajuta pe cineva"

 Ronald Reagan

Haideti sa redam darul vorbirii si al mersului, sa fim o umbra de sustinere pentru o prietena care a pierdut cele mai importante lucruri pe care le luam cu totii ca atare si nu ne putem imagina ca traind fara ele.



 Cu totii iubim sa fim in natura, sa ne plimbam si exploram si mai alea sa povestim despre experientele noastre. Pentru Corina, care a fost plina de vise si speranta, aceasta posibilitate a fost intrerupta de o conditie debilitanta numita Ataxia Cerebeloasa. Mai multe informatii pe

Nu exista tratament pentru aceasta conditie, dar sunt lucruri care pot ajuta sa se controleze impactul bolii asupra persoanei afectate. 

Conditia aceasta a inceput in urma cu 5 ani, cand Corina avea probleme de echilibru si mers. A progresat in timp, iar in 2014 a ajuns in situatia in care nu putea sa-si foloseasca deloc piciorul stang.Corina este o persoana determinata si plina de speranta si de aceea a continuat sa mearga la munca cu ajutorul consiliului local care trimite a un taxi sa o ia de acasa si sa o aduca inapoi dupa program.Corina a fost invatatoare la Kingsbury Green Primary, unde a lucrat cu copiii cu nevoi speciale.

Intr-o perioada scurta anul trecut, conditia Corinei s-a inrautatit considerabil.Ea este acum intr-un scaun cu rotile si limbajul este grav afectat. Are nevoie de fizioterapie, logoped de la persoane calificate si mult suport moral.

Noi incercam sa adunam niste bani sa putem sa-i cumparam echipamente speciale pentru exercitii care speram sa o ajute sa-si recupereze echilibrul, functiile motorii si limbajul. Ea are nevoie de pat adaptat special, cabina de dus, scaun, calculator sau iPad, lucruri care ar ajuta-o sa tolereze mai bine conditia asta daca nu chiar mai bine.

Va rog sa ne ajutati sa aducem speranta in viata unui prieten si sa fim multumitori pentru darurile pe care le avem in vietile noastre. 

Haideti sa-i aratam Corinei ca nu suntem niciodata singuri si ne putem sprijini reciproc la nevoie.




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