At last my love has come along

by Tarik @ Los Moros in York, England, United Kingdom

At last my love has come along
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Everyone loves a love story, right? You don't believe or agree that a wedding should be crowdfunded? Read on to find out why.

by Tarik @ Los Moros in York, England, United Kingdom

bb48971498f84bcb6fff7a79f41b2d04e2cf253aHi, I'm Simon, a Yorkshireman born and bred. Here's my amazing family with my fiancée Lucy alongside our three children, Charlotte, George and Grace.  At lunchtime on 23rd July 2011 I was both nervous and excited as I sat in a York restaurant waiting to meet Lucy for the first time. Introduced by a mutual friend that first date turned out to be the first of many. Fast forward to today and we are planning our wedding in August 2019.

So why am I pitching on here and why do I think the world will help me crowdfund our wedding? I'm aware that it will be controversial in some quarters with accusations that we should be paying for it ourselves. My reasons are a little different and I'd like to explain why. I'm very lucky in that I have a job that I love doing, spending my time helping businesses in York to grow and become more successful. Crowdfunding has become a regular topic of conversation and I want to put it to the test. Can it be used to fund anything, even a wedding? 

The beauty of crowdfunding for a business is that they need to convince hundreds of people to pledge small amounts of money. They no longer need to rely on convincing one partner, usually a bank, to provide the money they require. I've deliberately kept our target relatively low and I'm not seeking lots of large pledges from supporters.  I'm looking for 3000 people to pledge £1 each.

Yes, £3000 will help us pay for part of our wedding but it's also an amount that many small businesses need to raise to cover their set up costs. If I can do it then so can they and I'm more than willing to be the guinea pig.  I can't promise you an invite to our wedding but I can promise your name will be included in it. If we are lucky enough to exceed our target, every additional £ raised will be donated to Men United, a prostate cancer charity.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

0 of 3000 claimed

The Proposal

Thank you for pledging £1. In return you are welcome to pitch how you would like your name to appear in our wedding. A poster montage featuring all the names of our supporters or something different?

£3,000 or more

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The Big Day

This is the longest of long shots but if you're the person who pledges the full amount then you'll get yourself an invite to our big day.

Let's make 'At last my love has come along' happen