At Land and Sea: An Audiovisual Study of Sussex

At Land and Sea: An Audiovisual Study of Sussex

To raise money for the space and minor printing costs, towards an audiovisual exhibition of photographs and sound, inspired by Sussex.

We did it!

On 24th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £530 with 22 supporters in 42 days

Dear all,

My name is Ëpha Roe, and I am a local artist and photographer living in Brighton and Hove. This crowdfunding page has been set up to hopefully raise money to exhibit my photographic work for the first time through the means of a collaborative, audiovisual project (with local musician Joe Davin), in a local gallery in Brighton. The work titled 'At Land and Sea: An Audiovisual Study of Sussex', will be taking place at 'Nick Ford Photography' on Oxford St. (just off London Road) between the 15th of September (private view) and the 7th of October, for three weeks.

The exhibition will display between 20-35 selected images of photographs I've taken on my iPhone since moving to Brighton three years ago. Many of them focus on intensity of light, shape and shadow, and vary between detailed observations of local graffiti, to wider viewpoints of the landscape across the coast.

I've always been interested in trying to make the experience of photography far more multi-dimentional, which is why I am teaming up with local musician Joe Davin, to produce a soundscape inspired by both my images and his own experiences of Brighton, which will be played through wireless headsets at your own discretion, as you move throughout the space.

To create my own exhibition has been something of a 'pipe dream' for a long time now, but I am hoping that your generosity can make it possible. The money raised will go towards paying for the space, the prints, framing, mounting, additional prints for purchase, advertisement and the headsets I've mentioned above.

This will be my first gallery exhibition outside of a café environment, since my graduation from De Montfort University in 2013, and I am hoping it to be the first of many more to come. Having come to know Sussex's cultural history from working at the Charleston Trust in Firle, to walking along the cliffs of Seven Sisters, this exhibition will act, somewhat beyond my own control, as its own multi-sensory love affair.

Basing it's main focus in Hove and the street on which I live, the images in the exhibition will travel down the coast, as well as further in land, demonstrating my own discovery of the county through small observations, either through landmarks or shadows.

I will be incredibly grateful for any donation, big or small, and I thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this far! I very much look forward to seeing you all on opening night.

As always, with warmth,
Ëpha J. Roe

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