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To raise capital to launch this exciting project in the Portsmouth, not only running it as a business, but with lots of community focus

by Daniel Sunley-Smith in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

 Asylum Customs Ltd is a motorcycle company with a multifaceted business model. The business model is unique in that there are no other companies within the local area of the proposed business offering all the different parts of the company in house. 


Asylum Motorcycles

This is the pre-owned motorcycle retail brand, predominately retailing the large V-twin engine machines.


Asylum Apparel

This brand offers a range of high-quality clothing for both male and female riders, plus a range of clothes to be worn as leisure wear, plus a range of jewellery.


Asylum Custom Accessories 

Designed and fabricated in house, these motorcycle parts and accessories are exclusive, and many of the lines deliberately limited in production numbers to give our clients a real sense of individuality.






Asylum Works

This is our state-of-the-art workshop, offering repair and service of all makes and models of motorcycles, to our expanding client base. The modern fully equipped workshop features the latest innovations in mechanical and electrical diagnosis.


Asylum Custom Designs

This brand is the customisation department of the company, split into three distinct parts, one specialising in taking existing road worthy motorcycles, redesigning and customising them for a specific client, restoring classic bikes back to original for retailing, and the other customising motorcycles for retailing.




Designed and fabricated in house, the motorcycle parts and accessories that are marketed as Asylum Custom Accessories, plus fabricating the parts required for any customisation work.



Asylum Custom Rides

These motorcycles are built from the frame up as a production bike to retail.

Insanity Customs


This is our exclusive high-end custom bike production brand.

These motorcycles are built either for individuals or for corporate clients.

One of the aims of Asylum Customs is to not only be a part of the biker community, but to also step outside of that, and influence the wider local community in general and offer them something unique and of value.

We will do that in a number of ways:

It is important to change the image of motorcycles and people who ride them, to that end it is important that the company ensure that it gives equal opportunities to all, to this end the company will ensure that it employs female mechanics as well as males and also female client support, which is something that the wider industry has ignored.

I believe that giving back is an important principle of the business, and want to endeavour to do that in several ways:

At the end of each financial year to donate a certain percentage of the company’s net profits to charities that the company has partnered with, including charities that give assistance to service veterans, mental health charities, and also charities that work with disadvantaged young people.

 The company should also make a commitment to environmental charities to help offset the carbon footprint motorcycles cause, as well as looking at producing an E-motorcycle in the future, once the technology matches with client’s requirements.

When recruiting, the company will first look to the local available workforce with a definite emphasis on prioritising those on state benefits, provided they are qualified for the roles, the effects of unemployment, not only on the immediate family of the person involved, but also society in general, are hugely negative, and to give people employment, pride in themselves as well as giving them financial independence from the state, lifts up that person and gives a boost to the local community.

The company will commit to also offering, at no cost to themselves, a chance for young people locally that have an interest in motorcycles, the chance to attend a monthly teaching group, to learn basic mechanics, and to develop their knowledge and interest in motorcycles plus to encourage responsible motorcycle ownership and riding.

Asylum Customs will also offer two apprenticeships each year lasting two years, giving the students an opportunity to gain the IMI level 2&3 qualifications.

 As well as this the company will look to work with local schools and colleges to be a location for work experience and school/college visits, as well as looking at the possibilities to sponsor awards and events at both schools and colleges in the locality of the business premises.

The company will also host a free monthly session for females to teach them basic maintenance on both motorcycles and cars, this initiative will not only empower women to be able to carry out basic mechanical tasks, but also will lead to less women stuck with a broken-down vehicle and vulnerable on the side of the road, which is a major safety issue.

It is hoped that the company will be able to instigate a monthly Portsmouth bike night, building on the success of the Poole Bike night which attracted upwards of 2000 visitors each time the event was staged, obviously not only raising the profile of the company but also the area, and bringing in revenue to other local businesses. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12,000 or more

Win a Custom Motorcycle

Tee-Shirt,£1000 voucher & 10% discount on all the services offered by Asylum Customs FOREVER plus Entry into a prize draw to win a custom built motorcycle

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Free T-Shirt

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Tee-Shirt & 10% discount voucher to be spent in the Retail Store

£250 or more

£250 Reward

Tee-Shirt & 25% discount voucher to be spent in the Retail Store

£500 or more

£500 Reward

£100 voucher to be spent in the Retail Store PLUS 10% discount on all services offered by Asylum Customs for 12 months

£1,000 or more

£1000 Reward

£250 voucher to spend in the Retail Store PLUS 10% discount on all services at Asylum Customs for 12 months

£5,000 or more

£5000 Reward

Free Tee-Shirt & Entry into a prize draw to win £1000 voucher plus 25% discount on all services offered by Asylum Customs for 12 months

£20,000 or more

Customised Motorcycle

Customised Motorcycle by Asylum Customs, up to 1000cc

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