Assistance Dog for our autistic daughter Mollie

by Nicholas Draper in Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom

Assistance Dog for our autistic daughter Mollie


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We aim to raise £10,000 to buy a puppy and have it trained (weekly) to assistance dog level. This is a commitment for 2 and a half years.

by Nicholas Draper in Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom

Mollie has had a number developmental difficulties since she was born including developmental delay, significant social communication issues and and severe anxiety. She has sensory processing disorder, resulting in finding the outside world a very difficult place to navigate without a great deal of support. She was finally diagnosed at the age of 15 with Autism.

Many children, especially girls like Mollie, go undiagnosed & this has resulted in her time from Primary School age to now, proving to be very challenging for her and for us as a family.

From the age of 11, Mollie was home schooled until she was placed at a special school that could cater for Mollie’s needs and she has thrived, although her underlying diagnosis and issues, especially her anxieties remain a constant barrier to her. Her school placement due to her age will come to an end, and with it the support and therapies she receives.

Working with the school, we have found something that might enhance / replace that support - in the form of an Assistance / Therapy Dog.

Research has proven that Assistance dogs can massively help children / young adults with autism, helping to reduce their anxiety, increase their confidence, therefore reducing the barriers to independence. Unfortunately 

Mollie is at an age that some Dog Therapy organisations cannot help, or are not accepting candidates in our area.

We have found a charitable organisation called Darwin Dogs who will train a dog for you to a point where the dog can be accredited as an assistance dog. We are very pleased to confirm that we have been accepted on their programme, and we now have to find and purchase a puppy and start a two and half year training programme, including a commitment to weekly training for the duration.

The cost of buying a puppy & putting it through a training programme that will be based on Mollie’s needs is around £10-12,000.

Once the puppy has completed it’s training, we truly believe that this will make a massive difference to Mollie's life and us as a family.

We all thank you in advance of any help you can give us.

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