Aspiring musician needing university funding

I'm an aspiring musician in the last year of my schooling and am looking to move to the US to help fulfill my full musical potential.

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 So I'm an aspiring musician and I'm in the last year of my schooling and am looking at where to attend university. My parents do mission work out in India and so my family does not have any money to spend on my university education. As a musician I,of course, would like to be in an area where the music scene is alive and bustling and therefore it is my dream to move to Los Angleles so I can achieve my goal of becoming a professional musician. I have commonly been asked why I don't just live here in the UK and go to university here but the opportunites for contemporary music here in the UK, I have found, are quite limited. I have been working several jobs to help fund this but I am worried it is not going to be enough. Any small amount you could give would be so appreciated and the target here would cover a year of living and my school fees in LA. If you could pay through PayPal that would help because my GoCardless account is playing up on me right now. Thank you!

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