Aspiring business start-up:Nomads Walk

by Cameron Griffiths in Belper, England, United Kingdom

Aspiring business start-up:Nomads Walk


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This pandemic has provided an opportunity for me to pursue a passion in launching a new business but also to support our key workers.

by Cameron Griffiths in Belper, England, United Kingdom

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for all of us and has changed many of our views towards normality and how maybe we have taken things for granted in the past. 

For me, this pandemic has made me stop and think about how many past opportunities I have wasted and passed by, when really all that was stopping me was my motivation. Although I am fortunate to have not caught the virus nor has anyone close to me, I am now more aware that not all of us are so lucky. Before the virus I was training to be an Army Officer at Welbeck Defence College and looking to join the Royal Logistics Corps as a bomb disposal officer. With this career in mind it has passed my mind before that life isn't everlasting and we really only get one chance to make the most of it. With this motive in mind I am taking the steps to now create my apparel business Nomads Walk. 

The idea of Nomads Walk is to offer a unique and exclusive style of apparel aimed at all genders. With the vision of the clothing to symbolise the Nomadic tendencies in life and the paths which are less trodden but just as if not more successful. This for me links back to my passion of joining the British Army it is a Nomadic route in my mind it is not a common career choice, many of my school year show no interest yet an Army career for me is a path full of opportunity. Nomads Walk clothing will offer a clothing style which goes off the beaten path yet remains relatable and functional and represents those of us which want to challenge normality and lead our own paths.

With the money received I would use it to expand the business and further develop its product range and design choices all with the underlying benefit of being able to donate more of my profits back to the NHS as well as local councils. All of which have helped us through these challenging times. 


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