AsOne theatre company Library Tour Fundraiser 2018

AsOne theatre company Library Tour Fundraiser 2018

Join the Curry & Quiz night in aid of the Mary Anning's Fossil Depot LIBRARY LIVE TOUR 2018 - another AsOne theatre company production

We did it!

On 28th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £500 with 13 supporters in 14 days

Following on from our successful library tour last year with ‘The Fisherman’s Daughter’ - the 2018 four-week library tour will be visiting Bath, South Gloucestershire, Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth, with ‘Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot'. The tour starts on the 12th February and is an all inclusive free event for children. 

The idea is that children who might never see live theatre get to do so. Moreover, children who may have never been in a library get to do both. Our libraries are fighting to survive – many are closing. We are a part of a movement to make libraries exciting, creative hubs as well as a place to read wonderful books. Many of the libraries are inviting their local primary schools. As we are touring the Dorset libraries during half term week, we do rely on our fans to promote on our behalf.


It’s an engaging, and  very interactive piece called ‘Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot’. Whilst Mary, and her brother Joseph Anning tell her story - the children get to handle several different, small fossils; do mega-piece-jigsaw of a Plesiosaur; appreciate the palaeontology tools that Mary would have used, see artifacts and drawings of the era on this amazing 19th Century role model’s research. 

Mary Anning quite literally ‘shook the world of science’, which was at the time dominated by rich and powerful men.  In her short 47 years, Mary Anning, the cabinet makers daughter, made quite a name for herself.

We first ran this production in 2012 - as you will see in the promotional video.  We are excited to be bringing it back with popular demand  in 2018, largely due to it coinciding with Dippy the Dinosaur's visit to Dorchester County Museum!!!

Now, we find ourselves in the lovely, but difficult situation (through its desirability) a wee bit short of funding. Each of the 26 performances costs a minimum of £275 to perform; and £2000 to rehearse with three creative practitioners for 10 days.

This year, we have 23 venues booked (and could have done many more) so we are struggling financially to fulfil the demand. We tirelessly fundraised last year.  Through Crowdfunding and special events we have raised around £3000 to support the tour so far.

We have, of course applied for Arts Council Funding (for the cost of rehearsals, and the adaptation of the play), and to West Dorset CC for a venue subsidy.  But due to funding cuts these organisations have less, and less to hand out. To cut to the chase, this is a plea to our band of generous, and amazingly 'good looking' philanthropist for further help.

All contributions gratefully received with our thanks, and 'Sponsored By' donations will be acknowledged on tour.  Or perhaps you'd like to join us for our fun-filled Curry Quiz and Cabaret night on the 31st January in Weymouth?

In addition, we are looking for support to promote the Dorset Library tour in: Weymouth, Dorchester, Gillingham, Bridport and Christchurch; please let us know if you can help ... ?

And ... as always we are indebted to your continuing support. Please would you help us by share this link to – your own contacts?

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