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Help us develop a new app to reach the 17 million Brits in their 20s & 30s, to make finding out about politics as easy as texting a friend!

We did it!

On 17th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £5,120 of £5,000 target with 79 supporters in 28 days

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What's the problem?

We're proud to be part of an incredible younger generation. Together we've invented Facebook, sparked the Arab Spring and created the ice bucket challenge to name just a few.

But too often our voices are missing from politics -- at the last election less than half of under 35s voted.  We want to bring more of the amazing energy and ideas of our generation into politics.

The challenge for lots of people is getting started. We are a new volunteer initiative run by people in our 20s and 30s.  We have spoken to lots of people our age and many say "I just don't know where to start finding out about politics" and "I'm scared of feeling/looking stupid saying the wrong thing".

Ask Amy can help!

Imagine if finding out about politics was as easy as texting a mate. 

Ask Amy is an app we've begun creating that's just like texting a friend. Talking to Amy is an easy, approachable way for anyone to find out whatever they want about politics.

She speaks your language and she'll give you what you want to know. No jargon, no judgement, no spin (and no BS!). She even has a sense of humour!

People love it!

We've tested a prototype of the app on some of the younger people we want to reach.  Here are a few of the great reactions:

"Amy is very approachable, it's super easy to use and I really liked how it will help people learn about how to look for answers themselves." - Roz

"I think it’s amazing. Spot on. When I ask about a topic, the response is relevant." - Kristian

"I love the concept. It's really excellent and I'm really looking forward to watching this progress." - Patrick

Why do we need funding? 

At the moment Ask Amy is only a prototype: we want to develop it into a full app by January so people can start using it in the run-up to the next election.

1.  More answers.  Based on testing with younger people, we need to write lots more answers to questions people have, and spend time finding the best content already out there to link to, from quizzes to videos.

2.  Better real language understanding.  One of the amazing things is the artificial intelligence so that Amy understands real language, making it like a natural conversation.  We need to develop this even further and that means software development time.

3.  Amazing extra functionality.  We want to build even better functionality so Amy can respond to your interests. Talk to Amy about how high your rent is?  She could tell you how to speak to your local MP/councillor, alert you when high rents are debated in Parliament and tell you about relevant campaigns you can take part in.  It could be brilliant!

So far Ask Amy has been a spare-time project.  To create the fully-fledged app it needs months of hands-on software development to do the things outlined above.  We'll continue to get people to volunteer as much time as possible, but we will need to pay for some of people's time.  £5,000 is still a really small amount of money for an ambitious app like this so your money will go a really long way!


We really appreciate your support!  We have some great rewards to show you our appreciation, from an "I'm with Amy" badge up to an invitation to our exclusive Ask Amy launch event in Westminster when we'll thank you personally and present you with a limited edition, personalised, framed Ask Amy poster.

Find out more!

We would love you to find out more about Ask Amy if you are interested in it.  Please see our website or email 

Our volunteer initiative to reach people in their 20s and 30s is called No One Ever Told Me About Politics, find out more about us at

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