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Ask Mummy & Daddy

"Ask Mummy & Daddy" is a children's candy store! Its fun, happy and brings back memories that can be cherished forever...

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This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 4:19pm 8th October 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 4:19pm 8th October 2018

Before i run into what i would "like to do with the money raised" i think its important to shed some light to how we got to this day!

So "Ask Mummy & Daddy" was founded by two best mates whilst we were both working full time and it was started as a hobby just to bring in abit of pocket money however it then turned serious as the months went on but for all the right reasons. The business was run from a spare bedroom in one of the founders house - packing party bag orders, managing online orders, dealing with PR requests, day to day enquiries so Kane quit his job to concentrate on the business full time as we could see the potential. 

The business was funded through our own personal savings and work lives so it was very tough and at times draining. 

Fast forward a year and the business which to this day ended up being run in a spare bedroom quickly became a main player in all Selfridges & Fenwicks stores nationwide which was a MASSIVE COUP for the business aswell as being stocked in about 10 farm shops across the UK too before we opened a "Pop-Up" store in Notting Hill which was amazing for us aswell as dealing with famous faces such as "The Beckham Family" where we created party bags for all the kids birthdays which was brilliant. 

HOWEVER..... this all came crashing down on us because we had no funding in the business or cash flow to be able to ride the storm and come out the other end! 

With large clients such as Selfridges/Fenwicks and a pop-up store requiring orders each and every week but payment terms being very long it became very tricky to be able to keep afloat so we had to sadly close shop because we just couldn't manage the growth and with it just being both of us packing orders, delivering, running the shop and literally dealing with everything we just found it very tough to keep it on track and then it came a time when we said "we need to live and actually pay bills"

Sadly in December 2017 i took the very brave but sad decision to close the business down mainly due to the fact that "we couldnt keep it going as it would put me into debt" and thats a road i didnt want to go down.... 

When looking back at everything again i try not to be so hard on myself - we created a great name for a candy/party business, dealt with some famous faces, stocked in some great stores, had some PR coverage and also opened a pop-up store!!!

Fast Forward To NOW!!! Why we need "Crowdfunding"??? & Why we wont be falling for the same mistakes! 

We want to raise some money to re-launch our great business but create it as an online format, create a smaller product range do party bags and also do pop-up events but be slow and think progression at the right speed but in the right way rather than do what we did before. 

With the money raised we would like to create a product range that is small/medium and is then able to be scaled up in the right way. 

Here's a few pictures of the past (that we miss massively):

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