Asia Herbal Products Specialist Herbal Medicines

by jonathan paul mather in Fearnhead, England, United Kingdom

Asia Herbal Products Specialist Herbal Medicines


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Over the years I have helped many people with my specialist herbal medicines and would like to continue to help people.

by jonathan paul mather in Fearnhead, England, United Kingdom

I am Jonathan.

Since I was 12 years old I have had a huge interest is herbal and traditional medicines which over the years became an obsession,wanting to learn more and more about how to treat illnesses using herbal medicines and I also studied general medicine and how the body works.

By the age of 18 I had learned so much but I wanted to learn more,so I decided that I needed to leave England and travel around the world and learn more about traditional herbal medicines from local people in the villages and jungles who have been using traditional medicines for hundreds of years.

Most of my time and research was done in Southeast Asia,where due to the tropical climate,I discovered the best medicinal herbs in the world having so many amazing health benefits.

Since then I created my own formulas by mixing together these special herbs to increase the health benefits to over 1000 which I have personally tested myself and later on volunteers with serious illnesses and minor conditions,which include how I successfully treated gangrene on a woman's leg,in less than 3 months using what I call my Mega Formula,which is made up of 8 special herbs.

It has always been my dream to share my knowledge in the hope to not only help many people in the present but people in the future too,the Mega Formula is 100% herbal and contain no sugar,salt or additives and preservatives,which in the future I intend to sell on my new website and later on online shopping websites including Amazon at an affordable price of only 49.99 + p&p.

I also will donate 25% of the funds raised to a local charity or a worthwhile cause.

I have a very basic website online containing information about my research and 2 years ago I registered a company In England.

This is my website : Asia Herbal Products

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Let's make 'Asia Herbal Products Specialist Herbal Medicines' happen