Deeply ashamed but desperate for any possible help

by DesperateForHelp in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Deeply ashamed but desperate for any possible help


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I have stupidly found myself in financial hard ship and I am struggling but trying to pay my debts but they are getting worse by the month

by DesperateForHelp in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

I am a nurse who prides myself on the care and compassion I have for other people.

I am blessed to be able to help people on a daily basis and I am very well thought of amongst all of my patients. 

I treat everyone how I would want my own mum to be treated. 

I’ve never got in to debt until the last couple of years but more recently I’m in desperate need of help. 

I have no family I can reach out to and my lending options are limited due to my credit rating. I’m deeply ashamed. 

Ashamed firstly to ask for any help in this way, I really am. And ashamed that I’ve found myself in this situation,

Ashamed for my wife who deserves better and I can’t afford to do the smallest of things with her because of my financial naivety which I’ve learned harsh lessons from. I’ve needed to use credit to attend best friends weddings abroad for which I was best man and had no other way to pay for this yet couldn’t miss it, and since then the issue has spiralled. 

I’m paying off a bank loan which is a set amount but I no longer have the finances available to get rid of this £7100 credit card due to the interest it’s accumulating and due to poor credit I can’t transfer it anywhere else. I’m desperately hoping to raise anything towards my clearing this and taking the weight of the world off my shoulders.

Im really really not asking for my debt to be cleared, I really am not. Im hoping for any potential help to give me a head start to clear my debt.

I’m hoping my good karma over the years might pay be back now, however I feel pathetic and awful to reach out in such a way. I genuinely do.

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