Protest Portable PA System

by Architects for Social Housing in London, England, United Kingdom

Protest Portable PA System
We did it
On 24th February 2017 we successfully raised £160 with 12 supporters in 6 days

Purchase of a Portable PA system for protests, propaganda and public meetings.

by Architects for Social Housing in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any additional funds raised will go towards batteries to run the system.

We're fed up listening to incomprehensible speeches garbled through muffled and broken megaphones. It's time to get professional with our protests. Architects for Social Housing wants to raise money for a portable personal address system, and we've found one to do the job, with an inbuilt trolley, wireless microphone and generating 150w of power. Let the enemies of social housing quake! And it's on sale at a £40 discount.

This is the first time ASH has asked for money for owt, and if we manage to raise enough to buy the system we'll make it available not only for our own use but for that of other protests, demonstrations and public meetings by campaigns fighting social cleansing.  Also good for raves. We're asking 15 people to donate £10 each, or 30 people to donate £5. Please be one of them. 

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