Ash ovenfresh

Ash ovenfresh

Hello everyone, I offer a oven deep cleaning service via social media on Facebook, the page is called ash ovenfresh, take a look at the...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everyone, I offer a oven deep cleaning service via social media on Facebook, the page is called ash ovenfresh, take a look at the reviews, they are amazing, I absolutely love doing this and want ash ovenfresh to be a well know name within everybody's household, ash ovenfresh needs a van with a heated tank in the back as I currently use my car and carry plastic tubs into the property  and do everything by hand, I remove oven doors and the glass to get to those hard to reach places as well has remove all theses burnt on stubborn marks as well as carbon build up, our results are fantastic,  If this kind of business was set up 40years ago it wouldn't of worked as a women stayed at home with the children and did all the house work and had  plenty of time to keep on top of there ovens but in this day and age a women does everything a man does and there is just no time for people to spend a couple of hours cleaning there ovens especially when they have time off work and they want to use there precious time to spend with there children etc, also there is people who are unable to complete this task for certain reasons, that's why I'm here to take the pressure off, 

as I mentioned above we only advertise on social media, I do not pay for advertising so a lot of the work comes from word of mouth, people love it,  so we need to move forward and we need a website where we can show what we do, upload our available slots and let the customer select the slot they want and book in via the site and keep things as simple for the customer, 

I am very customer focused and treat them as I would my own family, I always make the customer feel welcome and always give the customer the feeling that nothing is a problem and I will help with anything I can, I don't send the customers out of the kitchen while I undertake the clean like some company's do, I let them stay and chat and get to know them as I know they will be returning to our services again one day,  I am know to be quite obsessive with the cleans and don't give up and customers like that, I have never said to a customer I can't complete the clean because the state of the oven is to bad, I do ovens, hobs and extractors, a customer can only book a job or extractor in as an additional service, so they need to book there oven in, 

its very difficult being a one man team and I need to now step up and grow the business into a multi million pound business, there is a large company doing exactly what I'm going who franchise there work out but there customer service is extremely poor and I have had a lot of there customers in my local area who have then returned back to me, not that I want to sound big headed but that puts a smile on my face that one man has taken business from a multi million pound company just because of my work ethics and customer service, I approached a very large online electrical appliance retailer based in Manchester and offered my services for them to use as this would make them the first retailer to offer this kind of service as well as selling appliances, there reply was that if I went national then they would be happy to work with me as there a national company and have just expanded into Germany recently and the Netherlands to my disappointment I don't have the funds to do that but I'm sure we will in the near future but again it's good to know that a company who was valued over 1 billion on the stock market not so long ago was again interested in me, there is a huge potential for this business it just needs the right minds putting together, 

I feel that it would be unfair of me to ask for 200k to take these offers up as I would not of felt the business grow, it would just be a big boom,  the business needs to grow and this needs to be done in steps so we don't lose what we are about and that's our customers, 

A little about me: I'm a 29 year old man who's worked since leaving school, I didn't leave school with anything as I have no interest and wanted to be out in the big world making my own money, I've worked dead end jobs and nobody believed me that cleaning ovens would last, well I'm still doing them, I also have a part time job, this is great for networking, the reason I still have this job is that it makes me feel secure, I make enough to pay all my bills doing the ovens and working part time, the ovens have always been busy and if I can move the ovens to the next step then I would look at leaving my part time job, some of you will be thinking why doesn't he just leave, I've got three children to provide for and I'm married and my wife works also, so we juggle the childcare, its basically security for them as I don't want them missing out on things a child should not miss out on, we struggle through but we always get there, 

I have big plans and im enthusiastic I just simply don't have the funds to do it,