Ash Mandrake - Vehicle Replacement

Ash Mandrake - Vehicle Replacement

Now raising funds for a replacement caravan (update: vehicle replaced for £1,150) so this highly original artist can continue touring.

We did it!

On 26th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £1,540 of £700 target with 49 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

Any additional funds will be used to improve the quality of ther vehicle purchased and maybe to get a replacement caravan

Project aim

Revised Aim: (10/08/2015) To raise funds for a replacement caravan.Original Aim: Raising funds for a replacement vehicle so this highly original artist can continue touring.See below, "the reason for the need" for an update.

About the project

The Aim: To raise 700 pounds for a vehicle. The vehicle will be used for touring and living on the road.

The Reason For The Need (This has been updated): Ash Mandrake has been touring in vehicles since 2008. and living on the road in a car and caravan for the last one and a half years. In a recent motorway accident, his car and caravan were irreprably damaged by a careless driver, who then lied about the accident. The caravan was not insured and after costs, monies from the car insurance claim are expected to be minimal and insufficient to replace the lost vehicle. As a result of this accident, Ash has lost the means to continue the activities that form his business and his home. UPDATE: At the time of editing, this crowdfunder balance stood at £1,320. Ash was able to borrow on the strength of this amount and has now secured a vehicle for £1,150. The remainder of the fund which stands at £170 will be used towards the cost of a replacement caravan. If you would like to help with this, anything you pledge will be put towards the caravan.What Does Ash Mandrake Do?:Live Performances: Ash has developed a highly original show that includes music, story, comedy, the use of loop machines and hats. He designed his double neck guitar and made the hats and costumes. He has been touring throughout England since 2008, performing paid pub gigs, festivals and in open mics.Photography from the live show(Photography by Stephen Green)Studio Work: Ash finances his studio work using the money from gigs and CD sales in open mics.  He collaborates with musicians, producers and photographers. He has produced four albums since 2010. Two of them consist of music and the other two consist of stories. Many of the songs and stories are supported by photography, with hats and costumes which Ash makes.Examples of the photography generated to supplement the recorded tracks and stories produced in the studio.(Photography by Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris)(Photography by Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris)(Photography by Krystyna Fitzgerald Morris)What Will It Mean If You Help With This Project?:You will make it possible for Ash to get his business back on the road, and continue producing high quality art and performance.

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