ASD therapy pet vaccinations and scoping procedure

by Cheryll in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

ASD therapy pet vaccinations and scoping procedure


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I would like to help my friend Charlie to raise enough funds so that he can afford to pay for his horse Auntie to have scoping and vaccines.

by Cheryll in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

Hi :-) 

Let me tell you a bit about Charlie. 

Charlie is a young man who has Autism and other additional needs. He has a therapy pet who is Auntie. Auntie is an exceptional part of Charlie's life, being his life jacket in unprecedented times. 

Unfortunately, as Auntie is a horse, any health care for her is very expensive and out of Charlie's budget. This is where WE as a community can help ???? 

I would love to help Charlie raise £200 for Auntie to receive a scoping procedure and vaccinations for her to be able to be as happy, safe and healthy as possible and to carry on being Charlie's therapy pet, keeping his mental health in check, especially during COVID. 

A donation or a share would be greatly appreciated. 

Big love ✌ 

Stay safe and take care all and thank you 

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