ASBO Magazine Launch

ASBO Magazine Launch

To launch ASBO Magazine - established to give young unemployed creative talent the opportunity to "do the job, before they get a job".

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The D Foundation Charity wants to raise money to publish ASBO Magazine, a unique fashion magazine run by volunteers. We set up the magazine to help young people find work by doing the job before they get the job and to counter the blocks that prevent many young people from entering the industry.  We want young people to get ahead because of what they know, rather than who they know. 

Young unemployed people get the chance to learn how to work for a magazine, whilst showcasing their designs to the industry in each future publication. Their work with us is  endorsed by an expert from the industry and we also provide mentoring and business support to help young people get ahead.

Young people love working with us as they get the chance to design front covers, oversee photoshoots, manage editorials, interview bands, write features, and design web content etc. But we need to raise the money to help us publish the magazine.  

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