As We Are - Season 2

by Moggy Productions in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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'As We Are' is an LGBT+ web series set in Brighton, about love, friendship, identity, and the complexities of attraction.

by Moggy Productions in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

'As We Are' is a web series set in Brighton, UK. 

In season 1, Chloe travels to Brighton from London to cat sit for her ex-girlfriend Robyn for a week, while Robyn goes to a conference with her new girlfriend. During her time in Brighton, Chloe goes on dates with two very different women, and she also meets Blake, Robyn's upstairs neighbour, whom Robyn is quick to out to Chloe as trans. Blake is the first person with a trans experience that Chloe has ever knowingly met, and as a gay-identified woman, she struggles to understand her attraction to him. When she eventually confesses how she feels, Blake explains that those feelings stem from the fact that she does not see him for who he really is; that, to her, he is a novelty, more of a woman than a man, or somewhere in the middle... Blake educates Chloe on what it's really like to be trans, and the two of them become best friends. 

In season 2, Chloe will leave London to start her new life in Brighton and move in with Blake. Having both been unlucky in love so far, will they find their ideal companions? How will mean, transphobic Robyn take to her ex moving so close to home? 

As We Are is a love-letter to our beautiful city of Brighton. Season 1 features local and national acting talents Jenny Harrold, Helen Oakleigh, Hellen Wells Ward, Ashleigh Loeb, Sarah Charsley, Veronica Jean Trickett, Tara Harley, and trans activists Fox Fisher (C4's 'My Transexual Summer') & Romario Wanliss. 

Season 1 was fully self-funded, and we are now crowdfunding in order to make season 2 possible.

The money raised will go towards: 

Cast & Crew salaries & travel costs

Equipment hire

Public, equipment & liability insurance

Licence to film on public property

Catering for cast & crew during the shoot

Post-production facilities, e.g. editing, sound mixing and colour grading

Donations will be available once the project is live.


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