Performing arts for refugee and migrant children

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Paiwand wants to run a drama and music programme to help young refugee and migrant children

We did it!

On 30th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £5,943 of £2,500 target with 62 supporters in 50 days

New stretch target

We have been totally blown away by the support from our crowd!! We can’t believe we reached our target in less than a week!Thank you so much to all of you who have donated what you can and those who helped by sharing and spreading the word. 

Because we’ve had such (unexpected!) love and generosity for the programme, we’ve decided to stretch our target to £5850 be able to add one extra class in music, so that more of our children can benefit. 

The additional money raised will go towards paying for an inspiring teacher to plan and deliver a therapeutic programme of classes in music, for a whole academic year. 

We know people have been enormously generous already, therefore we're not asking those of you who have already donated to give more, but please help us to continue to spread the word and attract new supporters.


From a very happy and grateful bunch of people at Paiwand.  

We’re fundraising for a therapeutic performing arts programme for refugee and migrant children in Harrow. 


Paiwand helps 500 kids from refugee and migrant background with free extra classes in maths, english and home languages every Saturday. But our brilliant students are desperate for some drama and music sessions too!

Not only is it great fun, performing arts has tons of therapeutic wellbeing benefits. It helps kids build confidence, make friends, become more empathetic and able to express themselves. 

But the children at our schools have less and less access to these creative subjects because their mainstream schools are being forced to cut back, and their families often can't afford to enrol them in these activities outside of school.


We want to fill this gap! By providing our kids with creative performing arts sessions in drama and music led by inspiring teachers, and taking them to performances across London to see the arts in action, we will invest in their futures in a way their schools can't. 


Many of the kids we work with are dealing with some pretty hard and complex issues. From unstable housing arrangements,  underachieving in their mainstream schools, navigating complex identity and cultural questions, or difficulties settling into UK life. We want to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment in which they can express emotions and work with experts to build up self-awareness, resilience and confidence


We're thrilled that Young Harrow Foundation, Harrow Council and local businesses have collectively agreed to support our campaign and donate £7.5k. But we need your help to help raise a further £2.5k to unlock that match funding, and help us make this project a reality for children. 

The money will pay for 4 specialist teachers in drama and music to work across two of our community Saturday Schools in Harrow - Stag Lane Primary School and Norbury Primary School. It will also cover equipment costs and a trip to the theatre for the kids. 



Paiwand is a refugee community organisation. We were founded by a group of 6 refugees 15 years ago, because they wanted to support families and people arriving in the country, who needed extra help. The community Saturday Schools is where we started, helping to give kids some extra support with their learning, and also provide support to parents too. Today we also help people with immigration advice and basic advocacy, as well as provide housing for young people living in the UK on their own. We also run local youth groups for teenagers to build confidence and develop new skills. 

We are a small team of staff and volunteers making a big impact. 


Farid Mall (founder of Paiwand)

“Having arrived in the UK myself with two young boys aged 7 and 10 years, I know first-hand the tough emotional and cultural stresses that young people in these circumstances face. Creative subjects like drama and music give children a forum to express themselves in a healthy way. There’s also growing evidence to support the fact that engaging in subjects like music and art can help kids to do better in their core academic subjects. I'd like to say a big warm thank you to anyone who supports this campaign."

Emily Beckwith (Saturday School project manager)

"As a child I used playing the piano to get me through tough times. I think we can underplay the huge role Music and Drama can play in helping us process the many challenges life can bring. It would be a real privilege to enable the children at our schools to experience both the enjoyment and the therapeutic value that can be found in these subjects. Perhaps we could even start a lifelong appreciation in a child who may never have studied them at all. I want to express my enormous thanks to anyone who contributes to this campaign."

Ellin Joseph (project worker)

"I passionately believe that music is a universal language that connects people, regardless of their circumstances. Everyone should have the right to enjoy and get involved in music and drama and the wider arts. I'm part of a community choir myself and I personally find it helpful to my sense of wellbeing. The kids at our schools are desperate to try some drama and music - your support will make such a positive difference to their lives which could well shape their futures."

Ceri Morris...(communications whizz)

"Having spent time in the Saturday School with Paiwand, I've seen how excited and desperate the kids are to try some drama and music. I was so surprised to discover that most kids these days, expecially at primary school age, don't get the opportunity to with their schools. I think ALL kids can benefit from performing arts, but I believe it can be especially useful for children with refugee and migrant backgrounds to have a supportive and creative outlet of expression. Thanks so much for your donation - I can see the smiles it will put on faces of our young people."

 Help us make sure that refugee and migrant children in London can access drama and music. 

Thanks for your support!

Farid, Emily, Ellin, & Ceri

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