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We want to provide free art therapy, peer support and mental health education to disadvantaged women and non-binary people of the UK

by Arts Sisterhood in London, England, United Kingdom

We want to provide art therapy, group therapy, peer support and mental health education to disadvantaged women and non-binary people across England, with a strong focus on supporting LGBTQ, BAME, disabled, unemployed and immigrants to meet the increased demand for mental health support during COVID-19 pandemic.
We want to provide professional and free ongoing support to hundreds of women across England. All support will be accessible online in order to be safe for COVID19 and reach more disadvantaged communities and areas. Our project could make an enormous difference to the lives of disadvantaged women with mental health issues during the pandemic which is currently wreaking havoc on the mental wellbeing of people across the country.

 The NHS is exhausted by the pandemic and mental health services are limited only to those who are extremely unwell. We want to prevent mental illness during the pandemic by supporting women with mental health issues but also via education, providing information, handbooks and workbooks for people to use to strengthen their minds and look to for guidance when they’re unable to get support. But most importantly, we want to provide one-on-one support and facilitate group sessions to battle feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide. Our project could help the lives of many women who are suffering in silence and isolation, unable to afford private support or ineligible for NHS services. Not only could we be preventing illness and suicide with this funding, but we will be educating women and equipping them with skills and built up resilience to ensure they remain in good mental health in the future without the need for ongoing support, hopefully lessening the pressure on NHS services

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