Develop artist-led programs for the local community providing a platform for young creatives to discover create & inspire through Urban arts

We did it!

On 8th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 21 days

FerArts was created as a result of the lack of diverse art opportunities for young creatives in West london, I founded the organisation in 2013 by doing cool art camps for under 14s in local open spaces ink and chalk stencils and batik in the park were the favourites. Following the success of the camps I teamed up with a group of artists who volunteered their time to lead free workshops and share skills and techniques in Dark room photography, Screen printing and Graffiti... not your average art classes but this was very popular with the young 20 somethings across London

Since then FerArts now has 10 volunteer artists running 4 programs, curating exhibitions and merging with the local community and creative organisations across London

Artists in Schools -  Weekly sessions in west london schools teaching children aged 3-18 techniques and skills to explore different surfaces, materials and textures using influences from London's Street art scene- plenty of low toxin spray painting and mini Banksys in the school bags!

Art Camp- School holiday alternatives for ages 5-14 providing full day workshops in Graffiti and Stencil art, we include gallery trips and outdoors painting in authorised zones. Supported by local businesses such as Samurai Sound Studio, Cass Arts, Westway Trust, Westbank Gallery and many more we are able to provide unique experiences such as creating Album covers, mural painting, textile printing and digital illustrations. We now have regular campers and are delighted to welcome lots of new faces each term.

Art Therapy-  Expressive art sessions in the community open to anyone on a low income or disabilty using everything but a paintbrush, the aim is to connect with the canvas using our hands, sticks, fabric or modelling tools. This is an hour of music inspired art where no rules apply and colours are chosen through feelings encouraging the group to channel and clear their thoughts and emotions 

Art on the Streets-  The newest program which started by running small artist led workshops in collaboration with Centreproint Youth Hostels in and around the borough and has developed into fortnight projects with anyone aged 16-24 looking for a creative avenue into permanent employment or further education in Art.  Studio Workshops, networking events with Tate Collectives, PR and portfolio advice, creative industry talks and 1-1 mentoring from our volunteer artists. Another program that has been supported by local companies and promoted through their services or materials such as Public Ambition PR,  Acklam Village, Baysixty6, Proud Ldnr, Venture Centre, Westway Trust and Cowling and Wilcox.  We are excited of future plans to introduce new experiences such as Screen printing with Goldfinger Factory and Fashion with Thiiird Magazine. 

Culminating this years 'Art on the Streets' program we are curating #WEST16 a fundraising public exhibition and silent auction to display the art made by the young people on the program, collaborating with 25 emerging artists also exhibiting alongside, we aim to raise awareness of Youth Homelessness and reach more young creatives interested in enriching careers in the creative industry.  Hosted by the prestigous Westbank Gallery London which is also our local art gallery we have an epic line up of artists from a range of Urban art styles, undergound music from emerging artists and Pop Ups in fashion and media- for 1 night only 30.11.16 then we are merging with local galleries and public spaces to promote any unsold art.  All funds from each young persons sale goes straight back to their pocket. Collaborating artists are donating a percentage of their sales to our ultimate fund.

We are fundraising for the development of this venture to continue to provide sustainable projects for young creatives.

Now our projects are reaching more people we need a permanent studio space that will be a hub for our volunteer artists to come together and share ideas and collaborate.

Our programs are successful and stimulate our particpants because they are innovative and teach techniques that require unique expertise these are also costly and as working artists we are funding this from our commissions which can limit how many people we can accept. 

Finally our team is growing, with the boom of social media we would like to offer 3 intern positions with our organisation. Although we pay interns less than an average salary we hope to be able to cultivate a happy team that can develop through training courses, learn through amazing books and internet access and of course take a well deserved paid lunch break!

With your help we can start to grow!

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