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Arts For Life Project needs your help to fund and renovate a new home to provide stability, safety & security to our users & their families

by in Pinner, England, United Kingdom

The Arts For Life Project would like help to renovate our new community hub:

With £10,000 we would renovate this: 


Into this:



….to provide stability, safety & security to our weekly users and their families.


The Arts for Life Project is a non-profit organisation supporting young people and their families’ emotional health and wellbeing through the therapeutic value of the creative arts.

Our projects focus on individuals with complex hidden needs that push them to the margins of society and the community support structure around them to make impactful change within their everyday lives.

We prioritise our work supporting: disadvantaged young people through disability, circumstance, deprivation and their families; marginalised children and adults.

Our base is North-West London and our community outreach is focused on North-West London and the surrounding counties.

Run by a psychotherapist & arts practitioner with volunteer support, the project currently supports up to 50 young people (CYP) between the ages of 6 – 19 years, and their families, a week with a waiting list to expand.

  • 80% of the children AFLP support are undergoing or have undergone 1:2:1 therapeutic intervention
  • 62% have learning differences
  • 45% are currently or have been under Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • 43% are diagnosed or awaiting diagnosis for Spectrum Disorder

The impact of this service on the community shows itself in and increase in:

CYP engagement with their immediate and extended community through increased motivation, self-worth and emotional resilience.

Recognition of mental health triggers before crisis point

Intervention towards adaptations to behaviour for improved mental health for both the young person and their family. 

Reduction in:

Disengagement from family, education and the community

Isolation from immediate and extended community

Number of CYP reaching crisis point

The young people using the service present a range of challenges including:

  • social, emotional & communication developmental delay
  • challenging behaviour
  • emotional retraction
  • self­harm
  • school exclusion or non­attendance
  • obsessive compulsive tendencies
  • along with the diagnosed differences including:
  • ASD, Asperger, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & more

Because of their individual complex needs, opportunities to be themselves & interact socially are minimal, as intimate provision is often required to support & nurture their abilities. This leads to retraction from school, peer & family interaction & creates isolation, low self­-esteem & self-­confidence, leading to an increase in personal harm & harm to society & the surrounding community.

Our a range of programmes to support emotional wellbeing, development, respite and understanding. Emotional development is interlaced into each session within each session without conscious awareness creating a safe & secure environment for individuals to enjoy, have fun, develop & grow. Individuals find space to be themselves without judgement or expectation, creating an environment of nurture, support & friendship to understand, experience & learn in their own individual way. We have found when individuals are relaxed, feel safe & create, their minds are focused & open allowing them to feel free to discover & grow.

By renovating the Hub to its full potential AFLP would be able to expand their service to more users within the community, develop further programmes to support marginalised young adults, open the provision to more at home learners and their carers and create training opportunities for the local community to develop and understanding of mental wellbeing for all.

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