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by Art of Movement in Barton Hill, England, United Kingdom


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We are raising money towards the cost of renovating our church hall for a cleaner, safer and more modern training environment!

by Art of Movement in Barton Hill, England, United Kingdom

Why we are asking for your help and how will your pledges be spent?

When coming back from travelling end of March 2020, what seemed like the best time to come back to Bristol to expand our classes, renovate the training hall and grow our school has become the worst time due to covid-19, not allowing us to go back to work and losing job opportunities we had lined-up.

Although the training hall in St Luke’s church has great potential, it is also out-dated and in need of a fresher look and a deep clean.

We want to offer a safer and cleaner training environment to all our students and instructors and with the prospect of expanding classes and the situation with covid-19, there is no other way than giving our training hall a fresher look. 

The (new) classes

By offering more classes, we are now rebranding ourselves under the name of “AOM - Art of Movement”. 

On top of capoeira classes for kids and adults, we will also be offering Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes (also for kids and adults), as well as a unique movement and fitness class called AOM Flow and a Carnival Fitness class, bringing carnival vibes to the area!

Once renovated, the training hall will be able to host all our classes, offering a better lay-out, a safer and cleaner environment to everyone, in line with Art of Movement vision.

The obstacles 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses, including ourselves. We've managed to smoothly move classes online thanks to the support of all our students and parents but the current situation has caused short term financial set back so, in short, we can't do it on our own.

The church is unfortunately not in a position to financially contribute to the renovation either. With the hope of indoors group sport activities being allowed in a few weeks (still following safe health & safety guidelines that will be communicated by the government), we are now in discussion with the church to plan how and when we can start working on refreshing the hall.

We will do as much of the work as possible ourselves but will need to cover other costs to take the room to a higher and much cleaner standard. This will include:

- Sanding, varnishing and cleaning the floor

- Repainting walls

- Cleaning the windows

- Buying mats which will be used for capoeira, jiu jitsu classes and acrobatics practise (we already invested £3,800 for our new mats which should be delivered in a couple of weeks)

Last year we also fundraised some money (£150) which will also be re-invested in this project as we did not have the opportunity to buy the acrobatics mats we wanted to.




How can you help?

You can donate online as much as you want but we also have special packages available:

£15 – Diet plan plus a personalised thank you on our Facebook page and Instagram

£35 - 1-hour PT session with Rad (general fitness, capoeira, BJJ or movements session) plus a personalised thank you on our Facebook page & Instagram

£40 - 1 week pass to try unlimited classes (up to 19 classes a week between kids & adults)

£70 - 1 month free to try all our classes (unlimited)

£150 - Five PT sessions with Rad (online or face to face - general fitness, capoeira, BJJ or movements session) plus a personalised thank you on our Facebook page & Instagram



Our vision

Art of Movement is the creation from passion, sacrifices and dedication for martial arts and fitness. It’s experience from many years of training, travelling and working with some of the best athletes around the world, always searching for the best ways to improve and train more efficiently.

Through Art of Movement, we strive to help everyone with their goals. Whether you want to improve wellbeing and general fitness, express yourself through movements or become a champion.

By being part of our strong community, we will help build your mental strength and confidence, stay motivated to achieve your goals as well as helping you with personal growth and discipline.

Who are we?

We are a Bristol based local company, own and run by Rad & Lise. We have been providing capoeira classes in Redfield for kids and adults since 2013, relocated in St Luke’s church in Barton Hill in August 2019 and are now rebranding ourselves under “AOM Art of Movement”.

Rad has been training Capoeira for 18 years, is a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a certified jiu-jitsu instructor as well as a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Rad built and created his Capoeira club in England (Bristol) where he is successfully leading multiple kids and adults capoeira classes every week. His mojo: Dream, believe, achieve.

Lise and Rad are passionate about Capoeira, sports and music. People are at the heart of what they do and whilst Rad is always looking for the coolest move or the newest song to teach in class, Lise is at the heart of the community, working hard behind the scene organising workshops and events for students and always gathering people around a nice meal! 

Rad said: “We absolutely love what we do and cannot wait to share even more now that we are back. Unfortunately, covid-19 has hit us at the worst time but we don’t want this to stop our goal to grow and do more for the local community.”

“By now rebranding ourselves under AOM Art of Movement, we want to promote our values through martial arts, dance and movement classes, help people get fitter, stronger and move better. We offer kids and adults a safe environment where they can train, learn about a different culture, learn about their body, make friends but also learn how to work as a team and be respectful towards each other. We understand people come to us for different reasons and want to achieve different goals, but if there is one thing we all have in common, it is indeed being part of the same family.”

Thank you

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read our pitch and for the ongoing support. Support in any shape or form is truly appreciated and spreading the word helps hugely.

Rad & Lise

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