Arthur's Van

by George in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Arthur's Van
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The aim of this crowdfund is to raise enough money to buy a camper van to take Arthur away from all this madness!

by George in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Hello, this is Ian, George's partner.

As you will probably know Arthur's life, and consequentially his family and friends lives, are in crisis at the moment. 

For those not in the know, Arthur is George's 14 year old son. He is a lovely boy but he is not getting the support he needs and is now in danger, both from his so-called friends and from himself. This project represents a last-resort effort to alter the course of his life.

Arthur is not attending school and hasn't done for months, his current school can't meet his needs and wants him off their roll, effectively washing their hands of him. We need a statement of his needs to get him into a new specialised school but the wait is about 6 months.

He has fallen in with a bad crowd in Plymouth, is disrespectful to family members , friends and authority figures, and is not taking care of himself. This is not the Arthur we know and love. We feel that he is in a hole, with terrible self worth, getting in to trouble, and acting out of pure frightened instinct and anxiety rather than any sense of reason. 

There have been lots of emergency meetings and talk from various agencies including youth workers, schools, social workers etc but very little action - keeping Arthur safe is proving impossible. George wants to take some action. Some fairly drastic action. Some pretty extreme parenting. Because it seems there is no other option. And because this is what Arthur needs at this point in his life. 

With the full support of Arthur's dad Paul and his close family George's plan is simply to run away with Arthur. To remove him from the failing education system that has let him down so badly, and to remove him from the so called friends that have led him to crime and antisocial behaviour. But also to show him some unconditional love, and to find him some life skills and some practical skills. 

George is preparing to give up her job, her house, even her pets! All she needs is a vehicle. A camper van or similar, to travel in, and for Arthur and her to sleep in. They will travel through the country, finding casual work, meeting new friends, and talking. George believes this will be the thing that can turn Arthur's life around, and at the moment George believes this is a life saving measure. 

We have seen some suitable vans for £6000.

I am personally raising £2000. 

Hence target for this page is £4000. 

Will you help?  



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