Artel on London Street, Norwich!

We're opening a new, bigger Artel at 67 London Street! Expect top notch coffee, tasty brunches and much much more.

We did it!

On 1st Aug 2018 we successfully raised £10,005 with 96 supporters in 28 days

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Select our Artel Reusable Cup reward to be automatically entered into a draw to receive an Artel Orange Card (see reward for a Year of Coffee). We'll let you know if you've won by email after the Crowdfunder.

Coming to our fine city this summer is a new Artel, with more to offer than ever before. Watch our video to find out about our plans and read on below to find out how you can get involved.

We are Artel

Artel is a little coffee shop on Wensum Street in Norwich selling coffee, pastries, sausage rolls, kendamas, magazines and more. Kieran opened this shop three years ago and has been grafting to deliver a high quality product to his customers since. The compact, plant filled shop makes for a tranquil spot to stop, take a breath and refuel. It's design encourages our customers to sit together, to open up new conversations and forge new friendships. Community and connection is central to the Artel ethos and we love nothing more than bringing people from all walks of life together over a shared love of coffee and food.

We're opening a new Artel at 67 London Street!

After three years at the Wensum Street location, Kieran has teamed up with Nicole to open a brand new shop at 67 London Street! Everything you know and love about Artel in a new larger location serving up the finest coffee, locally sourced brunches and a range of freshly baked treats. 

The amazing new location will also be the home of Artel Studio, where Nicole will be offering her graphic design services alongside using this platform to celebrate creativity and encourage collaboration.

Artel is a pre-revolutionary Russian term for cooperative associations of artists and craftspeople. Artel will be honouring its namesake by using our new space to cater to our creative community. Work, play or just relax the new shop will have you covered.



Where's the money going?

So you're supporting us! Nice – but where's the money going exactly? To start, an estimated £2,155 is funding the rewards for you guys. The remainder of this money funds the strength of the catapult we're using to launch Artel on London Street. We're grateful as heck for your support, so making our thank yous special is important.

We have four floors to fit out! This includes a kitchen for our wonderful chefs, two floors of restful space for you guys to hang out, and our new studio space where we'll run Artel Studio and do our paperwork. Plus the odd lunch and beer for everyone who paints and saws and sands stuff. 

Most importantly, this money will ensure a good start for our staff. Minimum wage isn't enough to provide a comfortable quality of life anymore. We want our team on a comfortable wage from the beginning, which will mean (theoretically) less stress and more smiling. 


£5 Coffee & A Thank You Card — For a fiver you can get a limited edition Artel postcard print, plus a voucher that'll get you a free coffee in Artel stores.

£20 Coffee, Brunch & A Thank You Card —  We're sending you a limited edition Artel postcard print, plus a voucher for a free weekday brunch and coffee in our new shop on London Street.

£30 Limited Edition A3 Print — We've got six of our delightful local artists to design an A3 print each. Our choice of artists (and their Instagram handles) are: Liam Painter (@liampainter), Henry Newcomb (@henryjacksonnewcomb), Taz (@tazalaarstevenson), Danny Moore (@dddmoore) and Big Al (@al_sangre). Prints shown below – for thirty pounds you can choose one for yourself!

£60 Supper Club Ticket — Once we've settled in we'll be introducing monthly supper clubs. There will be celebrating a different theme of cuisine from around the world each time, with a three course set menu (veggie and vegans welcome), plus cocktails and coffee. You'll receive an invite to one of our first supper clubs.

£100 Coffee Training: Brewing at Home — Our Head Barista, Kieran, will be holding group coffee training at our new shop on London Street. This reward gets you a ticket to one of these group sessions, where you will learn how to make great filter coffee at home without splashing out. At the end you will receive a brew guide designed in our brand new studio, Artel Studio, and a bag of coffee.

£150 A Special Thank You — We are so lucky to have a community to willing to help us build the new shop. We are just as grateful for you for your support. We will engrave your name, along with theirs, onto a  birch plywood plaque constructed as part of our first floor fit out.

£200 Goodie Pack — We'll send you a voucher for four weekday brunches, coffees and  sweets treats of your choice. Come to our new shop on London Street on a weekday with three loved ones. At the end you'll receive two tote bags and two of our local artists' prints (as described in our £30 reward, shown below). You can only use this voucher once.

£365 A Year of Coffee — We'll send you an Artel Orange Card for a coffee of your choice every day, for a whole year. Or spread it out over 18 months. Either way you'll have 365 coffees to slurp through. 

£400 Business Coffee Training — (For businesses only) Similar to our £100 reward, our Head Barista, Kieran, will be holding group coffee training for businesses at our new shop on London Street. This reward gets you and four colleagues a group session, where you will learn essential barista skills. At the end you will receive a brew guide designed in our brand new studio, Artel Studio, and a bag of coffee.

£500 Artel Studio Logo Package — Our brand new Artel Studio, run by our new director, Nicole, will be offering a logo design, which includes a consultation, a logo design, plus a style sheet on how to use it well, any information on colours and any typefaces you might choose. We suggest you get in touch to request a portfolio and have a chat with Nicole before you pledge.

£1000 Coffee For Life — We'll send you an Artel Gold Card, giving you a coffee of your choice every day, for liiiiife (limited to one coffee a day).


Please remember you can pledge whatever you like even if you don't fancy a reward. If you have any questions or queries about the rewards, or any other aspect of our Crowdfunder, then send us a message. 

We're grateful for anything you're able to give, and we look forward to seeing you all later this summer! Follow our social media bits to keep updated on the progress of the build: @artelstore @artelstudio_


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