Artburst 20 website

by James Ruaux in Horwich, England, United Kingdom

Artburst 20 website
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The first goal is to get 10 more Canvas pictures to sell on my website and in Amazon warehouse in time for the festive shopping season.

by James Ruaux in Horwich, England, United Kingdom

  • I first experienced stretching canvas prints back in 2009. This was when I helped out part time in my parents photography shop whilst I was training to get in the Army.

Since that time I have had two epiphany moments that made me realise the importance of photographs and ignited my passion in photography. Which causes me and my Dad do have a good laugh sometimes at me finally learning photography from him after he has taught so many successful photographers.


The first was while serving. I had just met someone on leave and on returning we had to go straight out on exercise to a very isolated place on the Canadian prarie. Most of the time we had no signal which and being a pay and go phone, credit went in 2 minutes. This was expected, but all I had in my downtime was the pictures on my phone.

The second was after a personally bad year in 2015, I decided to take a trip to the Philippines. After promising my previous partner to take her and her boy back home. When we broke up I decided to go anyway. I don’t think words or pictures could do the place justice to how beautiful the place is and its people. I was so humbled and in awe that I wanted to capture this beauty and share the experience to everyone.

How ironic is it that I also met my wife on that trip. So on returning I start learning to build websites. Which has lead me into learning about Amazon FBA, which stands for fulfilment by Amazon. The normal business model is to source from China But as my mentors course boomed in popularity, I had the thought of sourcing a product that I can have made in the from the UK and save on the importing and after a while it struck me that we still have the old Printer, we just need the materials. I looked on Amazon and sure enough people are selling a lot on there.

 That is how Artburst 20 started. I have just launched 2 pictures/products so far. Over the last 3 years I have invested over 8k to learn the skills and buy the research tools. I am at a knife edge point now, where we need to add to the inventory and scale the ones that sell well. I cant afford to personally invest anymore. I think we need 5K to get us over the line to meet that first goal in time.

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