Art Yoga Residence

Art Yoga Residence

Launching authentic and multifunctional high-quality yoga center, which unites people from around the world and opens yoga for everyone.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

There are many ordinary yoga schools in Moscow, however, none of them can offer all the following:

  • International focus
  • Supportive atmosphere of harmonious development and personal growth
  • Desire to open yoga for each and every participant
  • Openness to the new
  • Comfortable conditions for getting maximum benefit and pleasure from practice

We will make all the possible effort to combine all the aforementioned qualities for people. 

We would like to attract passionate people around the globe, so all the activities will be with the international focus, in particular: yoga classes in English, yoga retreats in different countries for multicultural groups, special offers for our non-Russian guests, seminars of international experts and teachers.

The project has been initiated by two former management consultants with international educational background, who have decided to reshape their life attitude and pursue people-oriented path. 

The aim is to launch in the heart of Moscow an atmospheric and comfortable business-class yoga studio, which provides a high-quality service, a wide choice of directions, an individual approach to each client, a pleasure from practice, as well as tools for achieving external and internal harmony. The product mix includes: yoga (hatha, jivamukti, nidra, yoga 23, yoga therapy, aeroyoga (antigravity yoga), feminine yoga (incl. perinatal and pregnant)), Ayurvedic treatments, osteopathy, retreats, seminars and educational programmes. 

The project has already been begun, however, we currently faced the shortage of funds. The required sum will be spent on interior finishing. Rewards for supporting this idea will include 50% discounts as well as personal excursions around the Moscow organised by us. :)

We will be grateful and happy to find supporters, who are not indifferent to such social-oriented projects, intended to strengthen international relations. Thank you so much!