Art Materials to Help Rehabilitate Offenders

by Eva Hogendoorn in Salisbury, England, United Kingdom

Art Materials to Help Rehabilitate Offenders
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Burnbake Trust Prison Art Project is committed to aid rehabilitation of offenders through the therapeutic benefits of art.

by Eva Hogendoorn in Salisbury, England, United Kingdom

The Trust supplies art materials to offenders who register with us.  These materials are supplied for cell recreation, or as part of an educational programme.  The offender is invited to submit their finished art work to us  which we list on our website and exhibit for them.  When a painting is sold, 70% of the sale price goes to the artist enabling them to purchase their own materials to sustain their work.  This step is crucial in building confidence and developing a sense of self-worth, which are important steps in the artist's eventual rehabilitation.

Let's make 'Art Materials to Help Rehabilitate Offenders' happen