Art Jewellery : wearable paintings

To purchase specialist printing equipment to allow me to produce a range of jewellery based on my paintings of Scotland.

We did it!

On 29th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £1,590 of £1,300 target with 47 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

A HUGE thank you to every single person who has backed my project thus far - reaching my target in just 12 days!

The project is still live and accepting pledges until the 29th Sept 2017 : any further pledges gladly received will go towards buying better equipment and marketing materials to help production go as smoothly as possible.

The birth of an idea...

I'm a landscape painter who stumbled across the idea of making my paintings into a range of jewellery; wearable artwork ! Early in 2017 I commissioned a friend overseas to make me 8 pendants featuring some of my paintings. Printed onto mother of pearl shells, I combined these with sterling silver fixings and chains. The result was beautiful and they proved so popular that I sold out within a couple of days; and the response I've had since has been so encouraging.

Alchemist's Mountain pendant

Making my vision a reality:

I'd love to be able to make my own jewellery from my studio. In order to do this I need to invest in specialist printing equipment and some other bits n' bobs which I've costed out at £1300. (*For a detailed list of what I'm raising money for, see below).  If I  have  enough pre-orders for jewellery, I can raise enough money to purchase the equipment I need. I'll also be offering special artwork for backers of this project.

This is where you can help!

The Deer Fence pendant

Creating beautiful jewellery: 

If you would like to help me realise my vision of my own range of wearable paintings, you can pledge an amount of money and receive a reward for your generosity. You can see the selection of rewards available below. Any amount will help ! There's that Scottish saying, "mony a mickle maks a muckle" (lots of little things make a great big thing) - and how true this is. One day I'd like to see my jewellery range in galleries and stores throughout the UK; first I want to make jewellery for all those people who missed out on the initial run of pendants.

 Pledge £40 - select one pendant from these options


Pledge £30 : artist's paint palette clock

Pledge £10 reward: a set of 5 greetings cards featuring my paintings 


*Purchase list

- printer - specialist inks - press - specialist paper - jewellery blanks (shell) - fixing spray - chains & bails - presentation boxes - packaging - heat proof gloves - teflon sheets - labels

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