Art Installation - 100 Magnetic Pendulums

I'm raising funds to support an art project. I'm planning an installation/sculpture made up of an array of 100 magnetic pendulums.

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I'm planning to build a large array of 100 magnetic pendulums. The array will be 4 metres high, 2 metres wide and 2 metres deep. The array is driven by electromagnets underneath, controlled by complex electronics. I've built a smaller version, with 36 pendulums, only 2 metres long. I know it works. The effect is hypnotic and seductive. I want to scale it up and develop the lighting and sound aspects of the installation. The mass of perspex rods from which the magnets are suspended interact with light in spectacular ways. I have used special sensors and software to turn the complex variations in magnetic fields under the array into sound.

I have been shortlisted for Research and Development funding from an organisation called Unlimited Impact. They are focused on supporting disabled artists. I was diagnosed with MS in 2013. My condition affects my art but my work isn't about MS. Unlimited Impact have offered up to £10000 to develop my project. The final application is due on 5th February. I need to find 10% matchfunding, that's £1000, for the final application.