Art Business Start Up Fund

Art Business Start Up Fund

I want to start my own art business from home, Im really passionate about my art and design work and would like to progress further.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello im shannon, im a 20 year old univeristy student currently studying fine art, I love it and Iv wanted to become a uni student since I started college, when I finally finished college and applied for University I was really anxious and worried I was not going to be accepted, when I finally got the email saying Congratulations you have been accepted into Univeristy of Wolverhampton School of Art and Design, I cried, I was so happy and I couldent be any happier!

So I have done my first year of Univeristy and now I want to take it a little further and develop my skills into something more, Iv been told by my family and friends, why dont you start your own art business or why dont you sell your artwork? So this question has been going through my head for a very long time, and Iv finally thought about it and I want to do it, but how??? I dont have the funds to start, I have my art work but I dont have the funds to start properly, what will the artwork go in? shipping costs? graphic design supplies? 

So I got told by a nice friend of mine to go to crowdfunder for help, to see if I could raise enough money to start my own art business from home and Univeristy. 

If I was to get the funds to start my own little business I would be sooooooo happy! I mean me? starting my own business? haha no... but Its never too late to try right? 

So your thinking what does fine art mean or what does shannon do? Well I draw a lot and design stuff aswell, iv deisgned a few tattoo drawings and sold them to my friends but not had any luck from just random people, Iv also wanted to do my own prints but I dont have the equipment to do this sadly, I need a scanner/printer, a graphics tablet, and photoshop softwear to adjust any tweaks to my drawings to become prints. I also paint aswell like canvases and all sorts but my main skill is drawing, I also do crafts every now and then but its not a major thing.

To everyone who reads this thank you I really do love the support and comments people give to me about my artwork, I will use these funds to make my own website, get the supplies and equipment I need to do this at home, and any other supplies such as good quality paper, frames for art pieces and any business items I need to progress.