Working trip to Haiti to bring support, guidance, resources, promotion and connection to resident artists and bring them to a global stage.

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Hello dear reader,

My name is Marc Craig and I am an artist based in London, UK. My website is . It has been my very good fortune to have been introduced this year to what I can only describe as a searing hotbed of creative talent in Haiti where young artists are producing a body of work that is jaw-droppingly awesome and very much deserves a wider recognition. Because of a lack of access to resources, these artists (who survived the devastating earthquake in 2010 and recently in 2016 Hurricane Matthew) will use various found objects around them to make sculptures and paint on cardboard or anything with a flat surface. The resulting artwork is a raw, unrestrained magical output that not only has inspired my work but also has had a profound impact on anyone else who has had the joy to connect with them. 

Long-term it is my mission to collaborate with these artists on long-term sustainable projects connecting with other worldwide artists and engaging potential art collectors with this new artistic vision. This will be done thorugh working alonside established organisations such as Chrom Art (who have been hugely supportive in my creative journey and are keen to support these Haitian artists), Haitian communities here in the UK, the Haitian Embassy in London and other individuals/groups who are actively wanting to support these Haitian Artists.

In the short-term to achieve these long-term aims I am looking to visit Haiti in March 2017 on an initial assessment mission to meet the artists, see where they work, look at their resources, connect with relevant government officials who may be able to help, and bring the artists fresh supplies of art materials.  Once I have collated all the information I will work with colleagues back in the UK to set up the best services/support that will mean that these artists will not only have creative autonomy but also autonomy over how their work is marketed and distributed. Skills in marketing are as important in this respect as the skills in creating and it is time to introduce the notion that Haiti is rich in creative potential in many ways, it just needs that platform to do this.

The trip in March 2017 will be over 2 weeks and the monies being asked for in this Crowdfunder Campaign are to cover return flights and hotel stay in Port-Au-Prince, food and internal travel in Haiti for 2 weeks and most importantly supplies of art materials. 

£1500 Flights and hotel.

£1000 Food and internal travel in Haiti.

£500 Art materials.

I am offering 2 of my paintings measuring 1m by 1m if anyone offers £1000 towards this Crowdfunder campaign (click on rewards which is usually found on the right of the website screen) and 5 chances to get a signed limited edition print on pledges of £100 to £999. 

This would be an amazing opportunity to begin a process that will not only enliven the lives of these unique artists but also the lives of those who experince their art first hand. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kindest regards,

Marc Craig,uk

07968840642 (Please call if you have any further questions)

First photograph is of the two 1m by 1m paintings on canvas which will be given to two individuals/groups pledging £1000 plus.

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