Art and Science Artwork

Art and Science Artwork

Resent MA graduate from University of the Arts London, selected for exh. at NEW YORK HALL OF SCIENCE needs help to attend the opening!

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £715 of £700 target with 18 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Our Stretch Target


What will I use the extra money for?

If there are extra money coming from this crowd-funding project, I will use them for art materials to produce more artworks. 


I am a recent MA Printmaking graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London. My work has been selected for the Science Inspire Art International exhibition 'The Brain' at the New York Hall of Science. I am really happy about this, but I can't afford going to New York for the opening. I even didn't thought about going there until I spoke with my friends. They have told me about Crowd-funding website and advised me to do everything possible to go and use this opportunity to connect with other artists like me. Their support gave me the courage to create this project here and now I am full with hope that I could be able to travel and meet the people who selected my work, along with artists and the scientists  intrigued by the same subject of work. Thinking about my professional future, it will be a shame to miss this opportunity that could provide future collaborations and creation of new exciting artworks. 


About my artworks: 

The subject matter of my work is the ultimate mystery of the relationship between the physical human body and the inner self (or the human spirit). The works I am creating are monotype prints on gel medium presented on a light box, thus combining media and pushing the boundaries of printmaking.

I also create digital prints/collages from many gel print scans of body parts and the cell - the smallest building block that provides structure for the human body.

The rewards I am giving are some of my artworks and I hope that you will like them and wish to support me and my professional future. The original prices of the artworks are higher, but for this project are much lower, some of them are half of the price. If you need to see more about me and my work, please visit my website:

I would like to say Thank you very much to everyone who will support me!  


1. £15 - 'Astrocyte' - Digital print 21cm / 14,8cm Various edition of 8I think that this artwork must be the first reward as the astrocyte is the helping neurone in the human brain.

 Digital Print  21cm/14,8cm

 2. £20 - 'Neurone' Digital Print 21cm/14,8cm

Limited Edition of 30

Digital Print 21cm/14,8cm Valeriya N-Georg

3. £35 - 'The Connection' - digital print 42cm/15cm Limited edition of 25This print represent the Axon - the connecting part between two neurones.

Digital Print 42cm/15cm

4. £100 - 'Immune System Attack' 120cm/120cm

Limited edition of 5

Digital Print 120cm/120cm

5. £200 -  'The Battle' 205cm/120cmLimited edition of 6

Digital Print 201cm/120cm

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