Art 4 All: Happy Cancer Club

by Capella Silveragel in London, England, United Kingdom

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Art and Music as a theraputic tool to healing, self care and a positive outlook, for cancer patients without a terminal diagnosis.

by Capella Silveragel in London, England, United Kingdom

Thank You

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your interest and support in Art4All and my project to use art and music as a form of therapy to assist cancer patients with the day to day aspect of life while in treatment.

As an artist I work across several fields, a sort of master of all the trades. I am an Artist, Photographer, TV Journalist, Actor, Write, Director, TV Producer, Singer/Songwriter. 

A Positive Outlook

My breast cancer story is a brief one. I found a lump in November 2019, diagnosed on 18th December 2019, and have had the most positive and pragmatic approach. It is a disease, like any other, sometimes with the tragic caviat of ending down the terminal path. My tumour was removed on 9th January 2020 at the very specialized Royal Marsden in Fulham, London. 

Unfortunately, my tumour was larger than first thought, its 2.5cm size was not fully detected on the initial scan, and I will be having Chemotherapy in a few weeks. 

I will be facing a series of treatments, the cancer has gone, I would face a 1 in 5 chance of it returning. So, my perception has hit a "Oh shit, the serious, long term side of cancer.... chemo, hair loss....fatigue, depression....". I have found that following the science side, asking questions if I didn't understand, to be the most useful. Ask the experts and not the mash-up of myth and memes that is out there on the internet. 

Macmillan Cancer Support provide great informtion  Macmillan Cancer Support  . 

Artist and Philosopher

My philosophy about the creative field and art is that everyone can draw or paint or sing and make music. It is what we have been engaged in doing since birth. Practice makes perfect. Just keep drawing or painting and experimenting. I believe that we are all capable of expressing ourselves creatively and that tapping into that aspect is to just give yourself the time to do whatever it is that peaks your interest. Art and Crafts have been an intergral part of human existence. Even animals create works of art when for example birds build their nests. It's about letting go and letting out what is inside without placing any limits on what you are creating. 

But for those who just enjoying exploring art, I feel that it should be available and more accessible to both the public and the artists. It is so difficult and expensive to display ones work, let alone get an agent or sell ones work in an effective manner.  So, instead of boring grey like Thamesmead or the Metro in Copenhagen, I want to get art everywhere so that people who do not have the time to go to a gallery, can still participate in being stimulated visually. There are so many shop walls, windows, buildings, bus stops, that would bring a smile to a passer by. 

Instead of bombarding us with commercials, bombard us with art, music, free plays, pop up galleries, art competitions, collective paintings and collaborations. 

Free your creative self and let it flow upon any surface you desire. Use whatever materials you want to. Recycle, etc. And let the artist within bring your subconscious into reality. 


I stumbled into the music business by accident. One of my friends was a Jazz singer in Copenhagen, Denmark (no, not Holland, it's above Germany, before Sweden and produces a lot of Noir crime shows like Borgen, Hans Christian Andersen, Porn and Furniture Designers).  She dragged me up on stage around town during her performances at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Then a band called Jazpa asked if I could fill in for a band member and then I was part of the band and on tour at several festivals including Smuk Fest and appeared on TV2 Godmorgen Danmark. 

Over the years

Kind regards and thank you for your interest and support.

Capella Silverangel


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Submerge by Peter Wallevik and me dlc

Your £20 pledge will allow you a free download of Submerge. A beautiful Lounge track sang and written by Capella Silverangel, music and prodution by Peter Wallevik (producer for One Direction, Demi Lavato, Kylie Minogue etc )

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