Arielle for Africa Pilot Project

by Feruz Semere in Nairobi, , Kenya


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This project will only be funded if at least £13,000 is pledged by September 1st 2019 at 11:41am

The aim of this pilot project is to test the effectiveness of our 6-month programme and further adjust it for the actual launch in 2020.

by Feruz Semere in Nairobi, , Kenya

We are three young African women who came together with the same  passion to change the status quo of unemployment. Our vision is cultivating a global generation of job creators and disruption agents in the African economy and our mission is to eradicate youth unemployment through empowering and fostering individuals who dare to change. 

We created this social enterprise to empower entrepreneurs in Africa by solving all the challenges they face when starting their own business. In this way the company is able to create jobs for the entrepreneurs as well as all the jobs created by those entrepreneurs in the future after their businesses launch. Thus, through funding our Pilot, you bring us one step closer to our goal of creating 113,000 jobs in Africa by 2030.

The money that is raise through this crowdfunding will be used to: 

          1. Develop key relationships in the Kenyan market 

          2. Test the offering and validate the market 

          3. Create awareness on the company as   well as the mission and vision of the company 

Immediate impact: 

Through the training provided over the two weeks, 30 entrepreneurs get the tools that would help them when starting their own businesses either now or later on. Next, for the business challenge, which is part of the 2-week curriculum, we will put the 30 into groups of 3, this way we have 10 groups. We will give them two options, to either start a venture or to come up with a solution for the company. Thus, becoming an innovator for a company or becoming an immediate entrepreneur. This will lead to the creation of 10 different business ideas which through coaching can be further refined to launch stage. 

We also plan on funding two of the best ideas with $1,000 in seed capital; therefore we can ensure that after the two-week pilot, two businesses are well on their way to a successful launch. The other business ideas that may not have been chosen for the seed capital; we can assist to apply for government options as well as micro-finance options. That is another reason for our graduation day and event, it is the chance for these entrepreneurs to showcase their brilliant ideas to companies and government officials who can further support them.

We can use the raw and untapped talent to tackle a challenge you face as an organization. We will have 30 entrepreneurs as well as coaches and industry experts, all working on the business challenge we will give the entrepreneurs on the second week. This challenge can be chosen and engineered by your company to come up with strategies to further improve your offering. This can be a way to get essentially free business consulting and all whilst doing good for the country.

Marketing for you as an organization. The Arielle pilot will be shown on television as well as social media accounts and other forms of media. This will also be a form of advertising and positive marketing for you as an organisation. The poster as well as all of the media from the company will give credit due to the support and assistance given.

Let's make 'Arielle for Africa Pilot Project' happen

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