Argyle Life Website Fund

Argyle Life Website Fund

To raise enough money to fund the Argyle Life website for the next three years

We did it!

On 5th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £130 of £130 target with 13 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

If we raise more money than expected, then we will put that money back into the site in order to buy better quality equipment and deliver better quality content. 

Top of our list would be a yearly Adobe membership, so that we can continue to create the graphics that receive such great reviews on social media; whatever is left would be used to buy an Argyle Life video camera, so that we can expand the YouTube content we'd like to offer. 

Last spring, the Argyle Life website was shut down because we couldn't afford its running costs. Prior to that the website had not received the attention it deserved as several of its writers were in their final year of university and could not dedicate themselves to creating content for the site.

Now that we have the time, we'd like to relaunch the site in time for the opening day of the season at Peterborough.

We have set up this crowdfunder to keep what we raise so that, if we fail to meet our target, it will at least have helped us along the way to restoring the site. 

The money you donate will maintain the website for three years, during which time we hope to make the website self-sustaining.

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