Areewa Makeup and Beauty Booking App

by WaveCovid19 Solutions in Grays, England, United Kingdom

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To develop an app, connecting beauty service providers to clients and vice versa, while providing a platform to empower women and the youth.

by WaveCovid19 Solutions in Grays, England, United Kingdom

My story-CEO, Wavelength Consultancy Services and Technical Director, Wavepalm Solutions

My name is Georgina, a Professional Engineer with a first degree in Electrical Electronics and a second degree in Electronics and Microwave Engineering. I have gained key experience and skills working as an Engineer at top Electronics and Digital companies.

As an entrepreneur, my passion is creating innovative solutions-driven software and hardware to simplify otherwise difficult problems in every sphere of life be it business or personal.

When my husband passed on at a very early age, leaving me with our 4-year-old daughter, I knew I had to push on. First, to set a good example for my daughter and second, to create a world where every child is given equal opportunities to succeed in life. 

I also have a passion to empower the youth, particularly the girl child, and women in developing countries to acquire skills that will set them up for life. I have started working with a number of existing NGOs to bring this passion to life and give back.

I embarked on a number of self-funded projects in hardware design such as mobile phones, handheld tablets and decoders, customising these with bespoke software programmes to suit different needs. This made me realise that one of my key strengths is leapfrogging technological solutions ahead of trends.

I founded Wavepalm Consultancy Services (WCS), UK and established a subsidiary company, Wavepalm Tech Solutions (WTS) with offices in Kenya and Nigeria with the aim of advancing technological solutions and investing in the future of Africa. 


  Areewa MUA- What is it?
“Areewa MUA making beauty artistry connections a dream come true”

As the axiom goes,  necessity is the mother of innovation. I was motivated to develop Areewa Makeup and Beauty App (MUA)  due to the difficulty in finding makeup artistes on my foreign trips. 

Areewa MUA is one of the flagship projects birthed out of WTS.  Areewa is derived from the Nigerian way of describing a beautiful rose.

Areewa MUA is:

  • An innovative platform bringing makeup artists, beauty consultants and clients, together in a user-friendly interface. 
  • An empowering platform,  providing the youth, women and marginalised, particularly in developing countries, develop entrepreneurial skills in the beauty and technology solutions industries.

How it works

 The idea is to have a simple Uber-like global mobile and web app where clients in any country can find experienced beauty consultants and providers such as makeup artists, spa services, nail technicians etc. It also doubles up as an advertising platform for service providers.

Vendors are able to register full details of services provided and charges on the app. Clients are then able to book any service of their choice from a wide selection of providers and rate the quality of services rendered. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand and enhance the user experience from both ends and provide a training platform for developing technological solutions and beauty artistry. This will help meet key objectives of empowering the youth, women and the marginalised to gain entrepreneurial skills

Beauty consultants globally on registering their services will be able to provide online training courses that users can subscribe to learn different skills

Our WTS Nigeria office has been set up to develop software products. We run a training programme for interns, university students for industrial placements and apprenticeship scheme. 

I have fully self-funded the business, including the development of Areewa MUA, to this point.  We are now ready to take the project to the next level which is why I am seeking funding from the crowdfunding platform.

Testimonials from WTS Nigeria Interns

Adegboye Josiah

"The best part of interning at Wavepalm was the awesome people I got to work with. Interning at Wavepalm, further equipped me with certain skills needed to progress and my career has been greatly accelerated.
Also important was the professional training on understanding requirements, analyzing them and converting them to high-quality products. The most important thing is that they make software engineers out of regular developers.
I am forever grateful for the opportunity to intern with Wavepalm Technology Solutions."

Oniosun Ayodele

The 6 months of Industrial training at Wavepalm technology was an eye-opener to life after school. I was exposed to practicals ranging from web development to mobile application development and I handled clients' projects with deadlines that are met. I was able to work as a team with developers in handling modules of projects, and this has contributed a lot to my skills as a software developer.
The relationship among workers, which fosters the bond among us, was not left out as well.
Thank you Wavepalm for imparting knowledge into me. God bless you.

What the money raised will be used for?

Money raised will help towards the cost of further enhancement and development of Areewa app such as:

Staff expansion: We need to recruit new members of staff to further develop Areewa app and enhance user experience as follows:

- To scale up Areewa app to be available on different platforms. Areewa is currently only available on Android.

- Develop an inbuilt online training portal for skills acquisition

The opportunities here will be expanded to school leavers under an apprenticeship scheme, interns and industrial placements.

Total cost: £10,000

Call centre: We have also started a call centre which needs to be expanded and well equipped. The call centre will provide 24 hours of customer service support to users. We need a bigger space and equipment to be fully functional.  

Total cost: £5,000

Marketing: Key to our expansion vision and gaining a global footprint is to develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy. We will need to hire a professional sales and marketing team to achieve this.   Areewa App is already available to users in the UK, Nigeria, Ghana and the US. We are aiming to expand its reach to additional countries. 

Total cost: £5,000






This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

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Instructor Led Coding Master Class

The applicants will have an understanding of the various coding languages available and will be given a crash course on one of the programming languages. They will be taught the importance of design and development. Available to school leavers or dropouts, students and graduates.

£70 or more

MakeUp Master Class

A 3-day Make up Master Class with a 10 piece professional Makeup brush set. Applicants will need to register for free on Areewa for training.

£100 or more

Instructor Led Make Up Master Class

1 week Make UP Master Class with a 10 piece professional Makeup brush set and free subscription on Areewa. Training with a renowned MUA available online or onsite. Applicants should register with Areewa for online training instructor-led course.

£120 or more

Make Up Master Class with Free Subscription and Ad

1 week Make UP Master Class with 10 piece professional Makeup brush set and Free Subscription on Areewa and Free 1 week's Adverts.

£300 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Make Up Master Class_Free Subscription_FreeAd

1 week Make UP Master Class with a 10 piece professional Makeup brush set and Free Subscription on Areewa and Free 1 week Adverts. It also comes with free essential equipment to kick start your business.

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