Are plastics destroying British waters?

Are plastics destroying British waters?

We will be sailing around Britain testing the water for plastic pollutants, toxic chemicals and raising awareness for the oceans.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In August 2017 I have the amazing opportunity to sail around Britain with 13 other women as a part of Exxpedition RoundBritain2017. We will be testing the water for plastic pollutants and toxic chemicals, as well as raising awareness of the severity of these pollutants. 

Micro beads have become a huge problem, and recently they have gained much more awareness - especially from groups such as greenpeace. Micro beads are formed when plastic photodegrades, making them microscopically small but staying in the environment. These pieces of plastic can then absorb toxic chemicals in the water. When eaten by marine life, including the fish that we eat, the chemicals have been seen to stay in the skin of the fish and so may be transferred to us when eaten. 

As well as testing the water we will be testing each crew member, to see how their age and where they live has had an effect on the toxic chemicals in their body.

We will also be doing shore work, including beach cleans and media appearances in different parts of the country. This is all to raise awareness of what in is the water that we are constantly swimming, surfing and playing in! 

In in order for me to participate I need to raise £2650, and so I need help from you wonderful people! Feel free to have a look at Exxpedition's website for more information:

The first leg of the journey will be from Plymouth to Cardiff, to Belfast and then on to the Isle of Arran (near Glasgow). This would be such an incredible opportunity to learn more about the pollutants affecting British waters, and if I am lucky enough to raise more money I would love to carry on for the second and third leg.