by Achilleas Sesis in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

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ARCUS NEWS: A bespoke communications platform for Academics and Businesses to publish insights for achieving a sustainable economic growth.

by Achilleas Sesis in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

17th place in the Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs Challenge


We recently announced ARCUS NEWS, a revolutionary business-to-business and business-to-expert (academics) communications web platform. But what you also need to know, is that at the heart of ARCUS NEWS there is a special place for our Academic friends.



The importance of expert knowledge and advice is well recognised. From being forerunners in the fight against illnesses and discovering ways to build better infrastructure and more powerful computers, to improving the economy, understanding our planet and ultimately humanity; academics are an instrumental force in improving our world.

In fact, there are about 2 million academic papers produced every year, which can be considered a small step towards the creation of revolutionary discoveries. But I bet not many of us are reading those, right?

At ARCUS NEWS we recognise the importance of this, and we know that there is a better way to create highly impactful connections between academics and one of their core beneficiaries, businesses

Now more than ever we need to urgently exercise sustainable economic growth. Businesses are the engine of our economies and they thrive with innovative knowledge. So, in our minds 1 + 1 equals infinite opportunities for both Academics, Businesses and more importantly for our societies.


ARCUS NEWS EDU is the educational initiative of ARCUS NEWS and an integral part of our overall product. ARCUS NEWS EDU, is a web communications platform built for Academics and Researchers across disciplines. Through ARCUS NEWS EDU experts can create, post and analyse thought-leadership content that seed sustainable innovation and growth in businesses and their broader stakeholders.



  • Free and unlimited use of the ARCUS NEWS EDU platform.
  • Utilise our innovative writing and review tools to create and post insights instantly.
  • Demonstrate your expertise to businesses and achieve a direct impact.
  • Explore new opportunities and create successful collaborations with businesses and other researchers.
  • Monitor and measure the influence of your work beyond academia.
  • ARCUS NEWS is committed in supporting academic research. For that reason, we plan to establish a research fund to fulfil this commitment.

For more details on the Expert benefits read our corresponding articles on our page.


  • Step into a tailored business-expert network that promotes growth.
  • Access top quality knowledge that can be used for innovative solutions.
  • Collaborate with knowledgeable researchers to enhance the value of your business.
  • Get free expert opinion on challenging topics.
  • Explore transparent, bias-free insights.

For more details on the Business benefits read our corresponding articles on our page.


  • Free and unrestricted access to quality news and updates directly generated by the Businesses and Academics themselves.
  • By signing up on our platform you can customise your news feed.
  • Experience comfortable reading using our beautifully designed distraction-free environment. No popups, no flashing adverts.


As an Academic user you will be able to write, manage and monitor the impact of your news in near real-time. ARCUS NEWS EDU is an intuitive experience offering:

  • A simple yet compelling collaborative writing environment.
  • An instant peer-review process driven by the ARCUS NEWS EDU community.
  • Advanced analytics on a variety of industry news topics.
  • An optimised news publishing process designed to reduce the amount of resources needed to achieve impact.



Adopting the latest in complex networks, business strategy, supply chain and machine learning, we have created the most eloquent knowledge-sharing engine to-date, thus ensuring your voice reaches everyone that needs to know.




ARCUS NEWS EDU will launch in October 2020. Sign up to our newsletter at for updates and sneak peeks.



We have created a collection of beautiful limited-edition goodies, which includes "a wall of fame" thank you mention, a mug with a challenge, the most sustainable artistic t-shirt* and a collectable piece of art, all of which uniquely tell the story of ARCUS NEWS.

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*After the campaign ends we will get in touch with you to arrange the customisation of your t-shirt.


You probably heard that many great ideas started from a garage (e.g. Apple), a dorm (e.g. Facebook) or a living room (e.g. AirBnB). While we are gone pass this point, we are still an early-stage and ambitious startup, committed in succeeding. Since our inception, over a year ago, we have invested our own money and countless working hours, but soon we will have to go further afield. Before doing so, your contribution will have a critical role in bridging this transition. 

Your support will help us carry the load for the immediate term after our launch, by covering some of our critical expenses associated to perfecting and maintaining the ARCUS NEWS platform. Your donation will be used to

  • Acquire highly specialised advice from experienced individuals in the space of scalable cloud software development as well as software product development.
  • Hire a dedicated marketing intern, to help spread the word about ARCUS NEWS.
  • Hire a dedicated growth intern, to help us accelerate the user onboarding to our platform.
  • Cover our cloud infrastructure overheads, used to house the ARCUS NEWS platform.

Your donation is risk-free; if for some unfortunate, yet unlikely, reason we don't achieve our target, your donation will not be deducted.


Like every good story this project started with a personal challenge: “Why is it so complicated to get and share the right information when growing a business?” The short answer is that the underlining methods we use to setup our communication networks have not really changed since the early days of business. Indeed, technology has accelerated the speed of distribution but not necessary the quality of the process. In this digital age of information overload, we are still struggling to acquire and filter news, and to pick relevant knowledge and connections that matter. Using traditional and digital communication channels does not cut through the noise. At the same time supporting technologies often act as patch-solutions to this complex problem, and yet word-of-mouth is still the golden standard. In the business world it is often said that “the exchange of information can move mountains” and communication-heavy activities such as strategy, intelligence, marketing and sales, critically rely on these. 

In 2019, Dr Achilleas Sesis brought together a team of academics, entrepreneurs, technologists and sector experts to create a practical yet revolutionary solution to bring order in this communication chaos, and that is how ARCUS NEWS was born

Based in London, UK, we are working hard towards achieving our mission, always centring our users’ priorities and needs. We explore the latest in applied sciences and technologies, to deliver a state-of-the-art communication platform that you simply love. 

Our vision, is to intelligently and sustainably connect companies and experts across the globe, shedding the need for complex communication architectures, instead focusing on networks that matter.

ARCUS NEWS four co-founding team members are a highly diverse collective, with considerable professional, academic and entrepreneurial experience in the fields of computer science, engineering, code development, business development and economics. In addition, we have been supported by more than 30 individuals, including committed experienced professional and academic advisors, developers, and several student interns. Jointly, we address all the areas of product and business development.

One of our most recent achievement was to be selected to take part in this year’s Santander Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme and this is what brought us here today. 




Helps us complete this revolutionary project to bring together Experts and Businesses in a way that is fit for the 21st century. We have created one of the most advanced communications platform used to maximise business opportunities and foster growth for both academics and businesses. 

 So, go ahead! Publicise this cause by sharing our project page and clicking “Donate”!

From the bottom of our hearts a big thank you for all your support!

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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There is always an occasion for a t-shirt, and while wearing ours you will have people asking questions. The artwork on it, is exclusively designed as part of our brand evolution, and on this single image the purpose of ARCUS NEWS unfolds. Moreover, the cotton t-shirt itself is the making of an organic, sustainable, and circular economy production line from a UK team, and it is offered in multiple sizes and colours for women, men and children.

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Thank You for your pledge, everyone at ARCUS NEWS loves you! You have just helped build our platform’s version 1.0., enabling academics and businesses to share impactful news and updates through our sustainable growth network. Our platform aims to revolutionise how communications achieves economic growth and ultimately healthier societies. We will WRITE YOUR NAME on the donors’ wall of our website and keep updated on all are major milestones.

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We all appreciate a warm drink break. At ARCUS NEWS we work long hours, and often we caught ourselves staring at our mugs. So here is one for you, a beautifully designed ceramic mug with an exclusive message and our mysterious logo. P.S. We know you have these staring moments too. While this is happening, here is a challenge for you: Can you find the word “NEWS” on our logo?

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We have taken our exclusive artwork and signed it by the members of our founding team thanking you for your contribution. We will only print a limited number of these, and they will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The prints are A3 size premium quality paper, made with fully eco-friendly materials and methods, and printed in the UK.

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