Arcade centre
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To enable me to open an arcade centre in my home town ,using retro arcade machines and up to date vr pods for immersive realism gaming .

by Leon Ramsden in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Leon I'm currently making arcade machines with the end result being to open an arcade centre in my home town of leeds UK 

I'm hoping to use some of my machines and also buy dedicated coin operated machines for everyone to enjoy as well as hold tournaments competitions , serve food, drinks , merchandise all gaming related im also wanting to use vr technology for immersive realism gaming with esports being big and the gaming industry is bigger than every other entertainment industry combined so is a good business opportunity, we would hold weekly tournaments on some big titles currently being played in the esports like ,league of legends,rocket league, and of course your shooter ups like call of duty etc and many many more .

I'm looking for funding as some vr machines are expensive but would return the investment within a couple of years I will also be providing machines I built from scratch and bring in some amazing pinball machines, I'm looking for this to be next best thing in entertainment and our town centres need something badly well I believe this is the answer thanks for looking and hope to see you soon when we are official open for business .


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

Hand made arcade machine

For your help in contributing I will make you a custom arcade machine for you to enjoy at home this will be a small Bartop style machine which will sit on any desk or bar etc and will come with all the games you need for years of retro gaming .