Aqua Fit Cycling

More than just a company Aqua Fit Pro is a family who strongly believe in helping people achieving their fitness goal.

We did it!

On 3rd May 2016 we successfully raised £45 with 1 supporter in 28 days

We believe that you can exercise, become fitter while still having fun, coming out the gym with less body pain and still more gain.

Fighting against the negative perceptions of water based exercises; Aqua fit Pro is leading a revolve-lution by designing uniquely tailored classes that put your fitness into the next gear by mixing the intensity of cycling with the well being of water: Aqua Fit Cycling.

Aqua Fit Pro has built a business from the ground up, starting from a community centre with 1 swimming pool and 2 classes to 3 swimming pools running 13 classes in Premium and recognised gyms in Central London in just 18 months. This experience has refocused our growth strategy to the following two priorities:

  1. Expanding to new Swimming Pools
  2. Franchise Aqua Fit Cycle

Our growth suggests that there is demand for Aqua Fit Cycle as a concept. In order to maximise our growth nationally, franchising Aqua Fit Cycle is an opportunity to grow the Brand nationally and expose new people to this new form of fitness which can be adapted to suit a wide variety of clients. 

We already have gyms who will be interested in joining us. In order to expand into new swimming pools, finance the legal costs, we will be seeking to access £6,000.

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